Getting Baby to Sleep on Vacation

getting baby to sleep on vacation

Wondering how to get your baby to sleep while out and away from home? Getting a baby to nap during outings, trips, and vacation can be nerve wrecking. With the warm weather and summer approaching everyone wants to know how to take their baby out without constantly worrying about sleep time. Here are some of my best tips for outings, travel, and vacation. 


Bring something familiar from home. This will help your baby settle to sleep easier.  A favorite blanket, stuffed animal, some white noise on your iPhone. Anything that reminds your baby of sleep. Having a familiar item, will put your baby at ease and will help him/her fall asleep faster.


Don’t stress about outdoor naps. If you are vacationing the last thing you want to worry about is going back to your hotel at naptime. Or having to going back home during a daytime outing. Bring a breathable blanket or cloth and drape it over the stroller … Continue reading

5 Month Old Waking Every Hour


Is your 5 month old waking every hour at night? Or are you dealing with some major sleep troubles at this age? I’m not surprised. In fact most parents that reach out to me for help usually do so around this age. So what is it about a 5 month old baby that causes them to wake up every hour? Well…A LOT!

Somewhere between the age of 3-5 months a baby starts to develop adult-like sleep stages. So now they have to cycle through these stages. If a baby has not learned good sleep habits, and requires lots of help to get to sleep, he/she will expect your help to get back to sleep in between these sleep cycles.

At the end of each sleep cycle, there is also a brief and light waking. If a baby does not know how to get themselves back to sleep on their own, your baby will fully wake and call out for your … Continue reading

How to Get a Baby to Sleep

how to get a baby to sleep

How to Get a Baby to Sleep

How cute is it to watch a baby literally fall asleep at the dinner table on top of their food! If only it were always that simple.

It almost seems like there is a secret game babies play that we don’t know about. A game of how many times can I resist mommy and daddy’s desperate attempts at putting me to sleep, along with my personal decision to fall asleep where I want, when I want to.

Babies are smart!

Getting a baby to sleep is no small task, and will at some stage bring a few hair pulling moments.

It just comes along with the package of parenthood.



What is Stopping My Baby from Sleeping? 

If your baby is finding it hard to sleep you might want to first investigate possible reasons as to why they’re finding trouble going to sleep.

Are they hungry, are they overtired, are they uncomfortable? … Continue reading

How to Stop Comfort Nursing

how to stop comfort nursing

Wondering how to stop comfort nursing, or if you even need to?

Breastfeeding is both nourishing and comforting. A special moment designed especially for mommy and baby. An opportunity for mommy to step back from all her multitasking chores, and relax while bonding with her baby.

It’s a little bit of magic – sleep magic! The physical act of sucking releases sleep-inducing hormones for both mommy and baby. This can be very handy for falling back asleep easily during those first months where your newborn continuously wakes up, instead of being wide awake.

Breastfeeding really is a powerful tool we’ve been given to not only help us put our baby to sleep but to help us stay calm during those hectic moments of “mommyhood.” During a busy day, there is nothing better when you’ve reached sheer exhaustion than to sit down with your little baby to nurse her to sleep, whilst feeling that sense of euphoria surrounding you as you … Continue reading

Gentle Sleep Training

gentle sleep training

Gentle Sleep Training 

You’re having trouble putting your baby to sleep so you pick up your “Book of Baby Rules” and it’s telling you to put your baby in bed, next door, by himself, and let him cry it out until he goes to sleep. Other mothers tell you that this works for them so you figure you’d try it out.

After hearing your baby scream for 10 minutes with no intention of settling or self-soothing, your gut starts to tell you that this method isn’t really working for you. It’s making you feel like a mother who is neglecting her baby, and it couldn’t be healthy for your baby.

So now what do I do, you ask yourself?!

I personally am not fond of the “cry it out method.” Leaving a child screaming next door not only hurts my ears but my heart too.



Now with that said, if this method works like a … Continue reading

Baby Not Sleeping


Baby not sleeping ? If you could give any expecting mommy the perfect gift at her baby shower, it would have to be the gift of “endless nights of good sleep.” In an ideal world, every baby would drop to sweet slumber at the click of a finger.

Sounds so simple right?


Unfortunately, most parents have yet to experience a perfect night of sleep with their cute little newborn. Sleep deprivation from “Baby Not Sleeping” is a common problem for just about every mommy at some stage of her baby’s life, starting from newborn all the way to toddler years. This can often result in a very unhappy, stressed out mommy who is barely able to get through the day, much less enjoy her little baby. Not only that, but the physical implications from a lack of sleep can lead to all sorts of problems for mind, body, … Continue reading

5 Signs Your Baby Needs Sleep Training

baby needs sleep training

Some babies sleep great from the day they are born, while others really struggle with sleep. Babies that are up all night and aren’t getting the sleep they need often need sleep teaching in order to sleep well. All babies know how to sleep, but not all babies know how to sleep well. That’s when sleep training comes in. And by sleep training I don’t mean cry it out. There are many different methods based on parenting styles that you can implement. If your baby is exhibiting these signs below, chances are your baby needs sleep training.


Your baby is waking frequently throughout the night

If your baby is waking frequently throughout the night, signaling you to come in and help him/her get back to sleep, this is a sign that your baby may need some sleep training. Fragmented sleep is not healthy. According to the National Sleep Foundation “sleep is especially important for children as it directly impacts physical … Continue reading

Daylight Savings Baby Sleep Tips

spring forward baby sleep help


With daylight savings time just around the corner, that means we lose an hour of sleep, but for your baby this can mean another monkey wrench thrown into his/her sleep schedule. If you have an early riser you may be getting excited about your baby waking an hour later. But it may not be that simple. Your baby’s internal sleep clock helps put her to sleep at a certain hour, and helps wake her up at pretty much the same time each morning. So it may be a little difficult to put your baby to sleep at the usual bedtime, and have her wake an hour later in the morning. Also, if your baby needs to have a set bedtime and wake up time for daycare, you will certainly need to prepare since she will most likely have a difficult time going to bed at her usual time. To help make daylight savings time an easy transition for … Continue reading

Baby Wakes Up Every Hour

baby wakes up every hour

Is your baby waking up every hour? This is a very common complaint! When a baby wakes up every hour crying, or waking frequently throughout the night, there is usually a culprit! Most babies wake anywhere from 2-6 times a night. This is NORMAL. Adults wake too, we just don’t remember it. It’s when a baby can’t fall back asleep that it becomes a problem, not the actual waking. Babies like adults go through different stages of sleep. At the end of a cycle, there are partial wakings. When a baby has good sleep habits they can usually drift right back to sleep without a peep. So mom or dad may not even notice the waking. But babies that have bad sleep habits or need sleep props will wake and cry for those props. So let’s talk about the most common reasons a baby wakes up every hour.

Sleep props

The most common and biggest culprit of frequent night wakings are … Continue reading

How to Get Baby to Sleep Through the Night

How to get baby to sleep through the night

So if you have been following my blog, you know that my first baby was a horrible sleeper, totally my fault! I had no idea how to get a baby to sleep through the night. And I surely didn’t know that I was doing things that were actually hindering the process. I was a new mom, I had no clue that little things like nursing or rocking my baby to sleep would be the reason she would be up all hours of the night for months to come. Babies should really come with manuals!

Wondering how to get baby to sleep through the night?  Violet can help!  Take a look at the available consultation packages and options!                                                                                    … Continue reading