When should I start sleep training?


Wondering when to start sleep training? Teaching your baby good sleep habits should be done from a very early age. “By three months, sleep habits are fairly set,” says Dr. Jodi Mindell, a pediatric sleep specialist. So it’s crucial to start baby sleep training before this age. To clarify, my definition of “sleep training” is simply the process of helping your baby get to sleep, and stay asleep by teaching good sleep habits. Sleep training should not be confused and used synonymously with the “cry it out” technique. CIO is a sleep training technique but there are many others. One one One Help Available View Sleep Training Packages and Options

There are some parts of baby sleep training that you can do very early on, and others that should wait. The first part of sleep training which is a bedtime routine, can be done within the first few weeks. Starting a bedtime routine, is a great start and also helps with … Continue reading