• Sleep, Baby, Sleep®

    Helping families sleep through the night

  • Sleep, Baby, Sleep®

    Helping families sleep through the night

  • Sleep, Baby, Sleep®

    Helping families sleep through the night

  • Sleep, Baby, Sleep®

    Helping families sleep through the night

Baby Waking, Crying, and Just Won’t Sleep?

I get it! I have been there myself. When my daughter Brianna was born, I was overjoyed with the idea of being a new mom. She was perfect in every way. Things quickly took a turn when she wasn’t sleeping at all at night. She was literally up all night wanting to be held, rocked, or nursed back to sleep. This went on for almost a year, and I hadn’t slept more than a 2 hour stretch since she was born. I thought I was going insane! I was constantly anxious about bedtime, and dreaded the night time hours. I became exhausted, frustrated, and was at my wits end. I now help parents all over the world, and I can help you too!


baby sleep training

Customized Sleep Plan

I will create a sleep plan specific for your baby’s sleep troubles. We can work on nap troubles, bedtime struggles, frequent night wakings, early risings, sleep prop dependencies such as rocking, feeding, holding to sleep and so much more!

baby sleep training

One on One Support

I will be working with you directly, to guide and support you through the entire sleep training process. This is important for when variables come up and you just don’t know what to do. I will be available to help you every step of the way.

baby sleep training

Phone & Text Support

Get live support as you are sleep training. I will be only a phone call or text message away to help as you are working through it. The most common reason sleep training fails is because parents don’t know how to handle the bumps that come up during the process.



baby sleep training

About Sleep, Baby, Sleep®

Hi I’m Violet, Owner and Founder of Sleep, Baby, Sleep®. I am a Registered Nurse and Pediatric Sleep Consultant. My passion is helping sleepless parents that are struggling with getting their little ones to sleep well, because I have been there myself. Parenting a baby should be a joyous time in your life. You and your baby should be getting the sleep you need so that you can enjoy these precious moments. With my no “one size fits all” approach I can help your baby start sleeping through the night gently, without having to resort to cry it out. 

Here’s What Others Are Saying


Violet is truly amazing. 2 weeks- and our baby (8 months old) is sleeping straight thru at night between 8-10 hours and doubled his nap lengths (45min naps to 1.5+), as well as learned to self soothe and put self to sleep. (huge!!!) my husband and I can not thank her enough… we FINALLY feel like we can become “normal” again. Words do not describe our gratitude. Being able to get a ‘personalized plan’ specifically for our babe and situation- was great. being able to email her day or night (sometimes middle of the night :)) and get responses almost immediate every time- was truly amazing.

Everyone’s situation is different. no “one size” approach fits all. We do not believe in the full blown CIO method and were looking for alternatives… anything but that…enter Miss Violet! Her knowledge and skills are expert level.
Put your trust in Violet- she has helped us, and she WILL help you. Worth every cent!! Thank you thank you Violet. you are our angel and we are forever grateful…
~ Jen, Wisconsin

“I saw unbelievable improvement in my baby’s sleep within 3 days of starting the plan. This is amazing to because my baby never slept a full night for the 7 months she’s been alive! She was very dependent on me, nursing, and a pacifier to fall asleep. Before I reached out to Violet, the baby was sleeping in my bed and still waking multiple times per night- I was at my wits end and knew something had to change, I just didn’t know how to go about it.

I took a leap of faith and purchased a 2 week plan and wow, it was worth every penny. The first 2 days/nights were the toughest, but now my baby is sleeping through the night and in her own crib and her own room. She’s taking actual naps now too, not just cat naps. She’s more pleasant during the day and I enjoy having a predictable schedule. Of course there are still rough days as my baby’s adjusting to her new schedule, but with the 2 weeks of emails I had to Violet I was able to work through the tough times and now feel confident about what to do when bumps in the road arise later on. I cannot thank Violet enough and highly recommend her plans/services to anyone struggling with infant sleep.”
~Amber, Florida




The 2 Week Bundle Package
    This package is a good fit for all ages, newborn to toddlers. This package includes a complete assessment of your child's sleep troubles. A personalized step by step sleep plan. Unlimited email and text message support. Two phone calls per week. Two follow up emails for ongoing support. Survival guide for bumps in the road.


The Unlimited 3 Week Package
    This package is a great option for parents that want a slow, gradual, and gentle process, and don't mind waiting to achieve results. This package includes a personalized sleep plan and 3 weeks of unlimited email support. Survival guide for bumps in the road.


The Unlimited 2 Week Package
    As with the other packages you will receive a personalized sleep plan that is created based on your baby's age, temperament, sleep history and other important factors. With 2 weeks of unlimited email support and survival guide for bumps in the road.I will be an email away to answer all of your questions.


The Unlimited 7 Day Package
    Complete assessment and identification of your child's sleep needs and troubles. Personalized sleep plan specific for your baby. One week of unlimited email support for a fully personalized consultation. Survival guide for bumps in the road.


The 3 Email Package
    Complete assessment of your child's sleep needs. Personalized step by step sleep plan created specifically for your baby. In addition to the sleep plan you will get two additional follow-up emails for questions, support, or to fine tune your sleep plan. Survival guide for bumps in the road.


The Chat Package
    This is a basic chat session package and is appropriate for parents that don't require that much help, but still have a few issues they are struggling with. This is a 45 minute online chat session. You will also receive a full transcript of the chat.