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I will try my best to to respond to your questions in a timely manner. Due to the high volume of emails I receive, this may take a few days. I know being up with your baby all hours of the night can be overwhelming. For that reason, I have set up personal consultation services to help you and your family start sleeping through the night immediately. For a prompt response and individual email consultation, please take a look at my Consultation Packages




The 2 Week Bundle Package
    This package is a good fit for all ages, newborn to toddlers. This package includes a complete assessment of your child's sleep troubles. A personalized step by step sleep plan. Unlimited email and text message support. Two phone calls per week. Two follow up emails for ongoing support. Survival guide for bumps in the road.


The Unlimited 2 Week Package
    As with the other packages you will receive a personalized sleep plan that is created based on your baby's age, temperament, sleep history and other important factors. With 2 weeks of unlimited email support and survival guide for bumps in the road.I will be an email away to answer all of your questions.


The Unlimited 7 Day Package
    Complete assessment and identification of your child's sleep needs and troubles. Personalized sleep plan specific for your baby. One week of unlimited email support for a fully personalized consultation. Survival guide for bumps in the road.