Bragging Moms

Ugh… those annoying bragging moms. Now I’m not talking about proud moms. There’s a difference. We are all proud of our babies, as we should be. I am talking about the moms that constantly boast, brag, and make you feel like you and your baby are inadequate .We all know those moms right? The ones that have conversations that go something like this: “My Johnny was sleeping through the night at 2 weeks. He cut his first tooth at 3 months. And started walking at 6 months” …Yea ok, and let me guess, he said hippopotamus at 12 months!?!

First of all, if someone is telling you that their baby is sleeping through the night at such a young age. Like they are expecting to get some sort of badge of honor for that. They really need to be put in check and reminded that most babies are not ready to sleep through the night until at least … Continue reading