Sleeping Through the Night

When will my baby sleep through the night?A phrase I found myself googling over and over. Brianna was waking up every hour. I was so exhausted and sleep deprived I didn’t know what to do. I was so new to this, so lost. Everyone gave me different advice, nothing worked. That’s when I started my research, asked questions, and tried my own techniques. I studied her sleep habits for 6 weeks. I wrote down and charted every little thing. Like many moms, I was guilty of the same common mistakes. Like nursing my baby to sleep. When she woke up crying, I just stuck a boob in her mouth, and thought I was doing the right thing. Hey she fell asleep, I must be doing something right…wrong! I also put her in her bassinet asleep, something I learned was a big no, no. I remember quietly slipping her into … Continue reading