Intro- My Traumatic Labor

I had a textbook pregnancy, everything was great the entire 9 months. In fact I loved being pregnant. I was not at all prepared for my chaotic labor experience. Brianna’s entrance into this world was not an easy one. In the last stage of my labor she had shoulder dystocia, which is just a fancy word for her shoulder getting stuck under my pubic bone. When she finally came out, the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck and her body with a knot. She also swallowed her meconium. She was blue and an emergency healthcare team was rushed in.Like I said I was not prepared for this, so I took it pretty hard. Throughout my pregnancy I envisioned this beautiful labor, with my baby girl draped across my chest after delivery. Instead they took her away immediately, no cutting cord, no skin to skin . And after what seemed like … Continue reading