Mini Consults

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3-Day Text Consult

Don’t have time to dedicate to a 1 or 2-week consultation?

Want quick, to-the-point actionable advice? (IOW…”Just tell me what to do, Violet!”)

Then the 3-Day Mini Consult is perfect for you! 


Here's What we can work on

  • A correct, age-appropriate sleep schedule for your baby
  • Solving nap troubles
  • Addressing bedtime struggles
  • Curing frequent night wakings
  • Real talk about sleep prop dependencies (nursing/feeding to sleep, rocking/motion to sleep, pacifier)
  • Stopping those (way too) early morning wakings.
  • And much more!

Let's start Texting Now!

Once purchased, you’ll receive my personal phone number and we’ll choose a date. We can even start on the same day.

$ 237

  • 3-Day Text Support
  • Complete assessment of your child’s sleep troubles and needs
  • Easy-to-follow, custom sleep plan with step-by-step instructions
  • Plus… 3 days of unlimited, live texting with me!