Newborn Sleep

There’s nothing more joyous and exciting than bringing home a new baby…Until sleep deprivation kicks in! Newborn sleep is complicated and erratic, but if we understand why newborns sleep so crazy, we can also understand how to help them sleep better. I will go over some things you may have already heard about, like day/night confusion. But I will also discuss some things you may not know about. Like why is it that the moment you bring your newborn home that’s when all of the sleep troubles begin!? Here are my best newborn sleep tips!

So let’s take things back to the womb! Think about the environment your baby was sleeping while in the womb. Things were snug, warm, contained, noisy, the list goes on. That cute little bassinet you are expecting your baby to sleep in, is NOTHING like what your newborn is use to. Recreating this environment (safely of course) will help your baby transition to the outside … Continue reading