5 Baby Sleep Sacks That Promote Safe and Cozy Nights

Baby Sleep Sacks

5 Baby Sleep Sacks That Promote Safe and Cozy Nights

Hello, and welcome to the world of parenting! If you’re reading this, you’ve probably plunged headfirst into the vast sea of baby stuff (and there is a lot of stuff out there). During this never-ending-internet-dive, you’ve likely come across the term ‘baby sleep sacks’.

I will be the first to tell you…

Just because the internet tells you you need something, does NOT mean you actually need it.

So, if you’re wondering if sleep sacks are just a recent trend or are backed by science, I’m here to fill you in on all sleep-sack-related info as a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant!

My name is Violet Gianonne, and I founded Sleep, Baby, Sleep and the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting – dedicated to changing the lives of women just like me, who want to become baby sleep consultants!

While this post isn’t specifically about consulting, if you are interested in this fulfilling (and money-making!) career, check out my courses!

First thing to get clear: sleep sacks are NOT just a trend! While they’ve been made differently over time, sleep sacks have been around for longer than any of us have, and they really make a difference to your little one’s safety and comfort while sleeping.

Second: A sleep sack is an amazing addition to your babies’ routine, but isn’t an all-problems-solved solution. While some babies have no problem getting in their REM, many families struggle with sleepless nights that aren’t easily solved. If you and your baby are seriously sleep-deprived, I highly encourage looking into getting a baby sleep consultant! While some issues can be solved with tools like the sleep sack, it’s always better to get advice and personalized sleep training for your baby. You can check out more information on Baby Sleep Consulting here.

Now – let’s talk sleep sacks! 

I’ve rounded up the top 5 baby sleep sacks that I, as a sleep consultant and a parent of two, have come to love. These not only ensure your munchkin is snug as a bug but also check off the safety and convenience boxes, so your sleep can be stress-free!


Baby Sleep Sack 101

Before we jump into the list, here’s a quick rundown of why baby sleep sacks are essentials. Swaddling has been a classic way to help babies feel secure and sleep better, but loose blankets can be a suffocation hazard. Sleep sacks are the modern parent’s answer to this dilemma of comfort and safety. They are wearable blankets that keep your baby snug, mimic the secure feeling of swaddling, and most importantly, eliminate the risk of suffocation due to the fabric covering the face.


How Baby Sleep Sacks Are Different

The main distinction from traditional blankets is that sleep sacks are sleeveless with secure fastenings around the arms and neck. This design gives your baby freedom to move their arms and legs but prevents them from pulling the blanket over their face.


How to Pick Your Sleep Sack

As a former nurse and now a certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist – Safety is ALWAYS first on my list, so each sleep sack listed adheres to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP) guidelines for safe sleep. I also took a look at the quality of materials, ease of use (because sleep-deprived parents shouldn’t wrestle with baby gear), and of course, the budget.

Alright – ready for my recommendations? Let’s go!


The Top 5 Baby Sleep Sacks I Love

1. Safe ‘n’ Snug Swaddle from Halo Sleep

Features: This sleep sack is the best out there for versatility. It’s designed with an adjustable swaddle band that you can tie either with arms in or out. Made of 100% cotton, it’s soft enough for baby’s sensitive skin and it’s roomy at the bottom for healthy leg movement.

Price: $24.99

Where to Buy: Major retailers and online


2. Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Sleeping Bag

Features: This particular sleep sack’s standout feature is the fabric. Little Unicorn’s muslin is SUPER gentle and breathable, so it’s extra perfect if you live somewhere warm. It also has a zipper guard to protect the baby’s chin.

Price: $32.00

Where to Buy: Little Unicorn’s website


3. Aden + Anais Classic Sleeping Bag

Features: Known for quality and comfort, this sleep sack is simple but effective. With a 100% muslin cotton exterior and a soft jersey interior, your baby will feel like they’ve been swaddled by a cloud. The sleep sack is also generously sized which helps so much for your baby’s hip health.

Price: $32.00

Where to Buy: Aden + Anais’ website


4. SwaddleMe Original Swaddle

Features: Sometimes, simpler is better (and cheaper!). SwaddleMe’s Original Swaddle provides a snug fit with hook and loop fasteners, ensuring your baby stays wrapped tight. The 100% cotton fabric is soft and secure, providing the comfort babies need for a good night’s sleep.

Price: $26.99 for a pack of three

Where to Buy: Major retailers and online


5. Carter’s Baby Sleep Bag

Features: This sleep sack is one of my favorites because of the soft material and the sleeves! Sleeps are amazing when the baby is transitioning from swaddle to no swaddle. I’ve found that extra sleeves make SUCH a difference.

Price: $22.96

Where to Buy: Amazon


Beyond Baby Sleep Sacks…

No matter the choice, the emphasis on safe sleep environments is paramount.

You can never go wrong when investing in a quality sleep sack. They can help to not only set up the perfect conditions for a safe and sound sleep, but also give you peace of mind that your little one is comfortable!

And, it’s important to note that everyone is DIFFERENT. The sleep sack you love may not be the same as the one your friend or MIL swears by! Every baby is different, and it’s all about finding the option that works best for you and your little one.

Baby sleep sacks aren’t the only essential when it comes to a healthy and safe night’s rest – there are so many factors that can go into your baby’s sleep (and, therefore, yours!).

Learn more need-to-know info on my blog and hear more about my courses if you’re looking to become a baby sleep consultant. 

Let me know what baby sleep sack you swear by, and check out more product recommendations here!


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