How To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through the Night [Complete Guide]

Wondering how to get your baby to sleep through the night?

“So… how much sleep are you getting?”

If you’re a new parent, you get this question all the time. The first few months of parenting can be rough — and everyone knows it.

And it’s even harder if your little one is having a hard time settling down at night. You can’t wait for the day when you’ll finally get a full night of sleep again. Even six hours would be amazing.

This is my complete guide to getting your baby to sleep through the night. I use these proven techniques with my clients to help the whole family get a great night’s sleep. If you don’t get these basics right, you could be in for a lot of sleepless nights.

Let’s get started.


1. Create a calming sleep environment

To help your baby get a great night’s sleep, creating a peaceful environment can make all the … Continue reading

My Baby Won’t Sleep

My Baby Won’t Sleep Here’s What to Try When You’ve Tried Everything


You’re doing all the right things. You’ve created a consistent bedtime routine to help your baby get settled. You always try to wait for the right time to put him down.

But no matter what you try, your baby won’t sleep.

What do you try when you’ve tried everything?

Don’t give up. Sooner or later, all babies will learn to sleep on their own. If you’re still not getting that great night’s sleep you want, there are still plenty of things you can try.

Here are my top suggestions for parents who have already tried everything. Let’s get to it.


Your baby hasn’t learned that nighttime is for sleeping

Simply being born is a pretty big change for your little one. After spending nine months in a dark, warm womb, your baby is suddenly brought into a world of bright lights and pretty colors. Sometimes … Continue reading

How to Stop Co-Sleeping


How to Take Your Bed Back and Leave Co-Sleeping Behind


I don’t know about you. But I’ve never been a fan of roller coasters.

Sure, they look like fun. From a distance. But once you get rolling, it’s a whole different story.

And parenting can be the same way.

When your little one joined your family, you had visions of laying your little one peacefully down in the crib each night, after he’d fallen asleep quietly in your arms.

And then, your dreams crashed into reality. You never imagined it would be like this.

Maybe you started cosleeping because your little one just won’t settle on his own. Maybe he was waking constantly at night, and bringing him into your bed seemed easier.

“It’s only temporary,” you tell friends. “We’re just doing it until he learns to sleep by himself.”

Don’t worry. There’s hope. With the right approach, you can take your bed back… and get your … Continue reading

Baby Wakes Up Screaming

Is Your Baby Waking Up Screaming? Here’s How to Wake Up With the Sun Again

Midnight crying can be stressful. But it’s also totally normal. Here are my top tips for teaching independent sleep.


Waking up with the sun feels great. You open your eyes and immediately you feel refreshed. You just got an amazing night of sleep. And as you hear the birds singing to you outside your window, you can’t help but smile.

But let’s be real. A night like that? It feels like an impossible dream right now.

It’s tough when your little one can’t sleep… for both of you. Your baby is still snatching sleep in one- or two-hour bursts, never really resting enough to wake up refreshed.

And your last solid night of sleep? Who even remembers?

Relax. It’s all totally normal. With the right approach, you’ll have your baby sleeping on her own before you know it.

And the best part? You’ll be … Continue reading

Toddler Sleep Training

So you are now past the baby stage and your little one is not so little anymore. Your baby has turned into a toddler, and he’s still not sleeping! This is not unusual. A baby that doesn’t sleep well typically turns into a toddler that doesn’t sleep well. Then a toddler that doesn’t sleep well turns into a child that doesn’t sleep well. So what can you do? It’s time for some toddler sleep training! Toddler sleep training just like baby sleep training requires a consistent and appropriate plan. Here are a few sleep training tips for toddlers.


Bedtime routine

At this age a bedtime routine can be really fun. Your toddler understands more of what’s going on, and he may even want to be involved in choosing what happens during the routine. Make it fun. Have him pick out a favorite buddy to sleep with,  read him his favorite books, and say good night to everything in the room. … Continue reading

How to Get Baby to Nap in a Crib


One of the strongest bonds is that of a mother and her child. And for a mother what can be more fulfilling than having your baby sleep securely in your arms. 

According to the guidelines of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, babies that are under one year of age require to have at least 12 to 16 hours of sleep per day. And for babies aged 1 to 2 years, 11 to 14 hours of sleep will suffice.

So if most of these naps are taken by your baby in your arms then it won’t leave you enough scope to get your others chores done. So you need to make the transition of getting your baby to nap in their crib. 

This change is definitely an abrupt change in your baby’s life so you need to do it as gently as possible.

Creating the Best Conditions for Your Baby’s Nap 

It’s not easy for a baby to … Continue reading

5 Reasons Your Baby is Waking

There are many reasons why your baby maybe waking, a milestone, a growth spurt, teething are all causes, but usually very temporary ones. When your baby is up all night for weeks or even months on end, there is usually a culprit. So let’s talk about the most common reasons your baby is waking.


Baby doesn’t know how to “self-soothe”

A baby that falls asleep by rocking, feeding, bouncing or any other “prop” may expect the exact same when they wake in between sleep cycles. Since babies have short sleep cycles, this results in frequent night wakings. The use of sleep props preventing your baby from “self soothing” is the number 1 culprit of night wakings and sleep troubles. Some babies are born self-soothers, other aren’t. It’s totally okay to give your baby a couple of minutes to fall back asleep on their own when they wake up in the middle of the night. If … Continue reading

Rocking and Nursing to Sleep

What exactly is a sleep prop? Sleep associations or “sleep props” are anything that your baby uses and needs to fall asleep. Nursing to sleep and rocking to sleep are the most common, but there are many others. The breast, a pacifier, white noise, rocking, swinging, comfort nursing/comfort feeding, movement in the car or stroller, can all be sleep props. Sleep associations are a normal part of falling asleep. Even us as adults need that something to help us fall asleep. It’s when these props disrupt your baby’s sleep, that it becomes a problem. If your baby is not sleeping well at night, wakes frequently, or puts up a fight at nap time, it may be time to start teaching your baby to fall asleep on his or her own and without any sleep props. How do I know if my baby has a sleep association?

Babies that have strong sleep associations usually have very bad sleep patterns.  This is because they are very dependent on these props and … Continue reading

Most Common Reasons Babies Wake Up at Night

Sleep Props

The use of props to help a baby fall asleep, is the number one reason a sleeping baby wakes up at night. Here are some common props or sleep associations:

Bottle or breastfeeding/nursing to sleep Rocking to sleep Swinging to sleep Movement in a carseat or stroller Even the *pacifier if your baby is dependent on it Holding to sleep/sleeping on parent

If your baby relies on any of the above to fall asleep, and needs them when she wakes up at night, then it is considered a prop or sleep association. Your baby will most likely continue waking throughout the night and not be able to soothe back to sleep, without that particular prop. Also, if your baby wakes up crying or if your baby wakes up screaming, this is a good sign that your baby has become dependent on sleep props. To encourage good sleep habits, your baby should be laid down to sleep awake, without any … Continue reading

Sleep Consultant Certification

Are you always giving your friends and family baby sleep advice?

Has a Sleep Consultant transformed your baby’s sleep? Or do you just enjoying helping others? These are all great reasons to get your Baby Sleep Consultant Certification.

Sleep Consulting is an amazing career! And you get to make an income from home, doing what you love!


What is a Baby Sleep Consultant?

As soon as you become a parent you’re suddenly hit with a myriad of conflicting parenting advice, through books, magazines, or personal experiences from friends and family.

It’s hard to know which advice to take and it can all get to be a bit overwhelming, to say the least.

Parents are exhausted trying to come up with ways to get their child to sleep, to keep their child sleeping, and to basically develop a sleep pattern that works in their home.

Just as no two households are the same, each child is … Continue reading