How To Get a Baby To Sleep Longer

How to get baby to sleep longer

Does this sound familiar? You’ve worked extremely hard getting your baby to fall asleep easily. Falling asleep has become much quicker than before you began sleep training. But there is a problem – your baby won’t stay asleep.

Within an hour your little one begins fussing and calling out to you. It seems no matter what you try, your baby just can’t make through a solid 5 or more hours of sleep. It feels as though you are on call with the call button being pressed every hour or two.

Sound familiar? Fortunately, there are methods on how to get a baby to sleep longer. In fact, there are dozens of ways to get babies to sleep longer. Today I’d like to share my favorite four tips so you and baby can get a better nights rest.

Proper Sleep Environment

Just like adults, babies need a proper environment to maximize the time spent sleeping. Take time to evaluate … Continue reading

Sleeping Through the Night

When will my baby sleep through the night?A phrase I found myself googling over and over. Brianna was waking up every hour. I was so exhausted and sleep deprived I didn’t know what to do. I was so new to this, so lost. Everyone gave me different advice, nothing worked. That’s when I started my research, asked questions, and tried my own techniques. I studied her sleep habits for 6 weeks. I wrote down and charted every little thing. Like many moms, I was guilty of the same common mistakes. Like nursing my baby to sleep. When she woke up crying, I just stuck a boob in her mouth, and thought I was doing the right thing. Hey she fell asleep, I must be doing something right…wrong! I also put her in her bassinet asleep, something I learned was a big no, no. I remember quietly slipping her into … Continue reading