How To Help Your Toddler Sleep All Night

Is there really anything more exhausting than chasing a destructive toddler around all day? Yes, actually, there is! Trying to get that same toddler to sleep through the night. Gone are those blissful newborn days.


Now you have a walking, talking miniature version of yourself that seems to have an unlimited amount of energy. Exhausted parents, we hear you loud and clear! There is hope in getting your toddler to start sleeping through the night so you can be well-rested to handle the next day, and it may be simpler than you initially thought.


Follow a Relaxing Bedtime Routine


One of the most important ways you can help your toddler begin sleeping through the night is by adopting a relaxing bedtime routine. An example of the perfect routine would start with a warm bath. For some kids, bath time can be a time to play and have fun.



However, if you want your little tike to calm down for the night, you’ll need to make the bath more relaxing than playful. You can do this by adding a nighttime bubble bath and warm water with the absence of toys like squeaky water toys or those famous rubber ducks.


Once they are finished relaxing in their bath, you can then brush their teeth, apply bedtime lotion to their skin, and then get them into their most comfortable bedtime pjs. Follow this up by placing your toddler in bed, awake, where you read a bedtime story to them. Or if you’re a parent who likes to sing to your child, you can sing them a lullaby. Anything that can help your little one relax after a long day and prepare for a long hopeful night of Zzz’s.


Make Them Cozy and Comfortable


Helping your toddler get cozy and comfy at bedtime is key for a long night’s sleep. Setting your child up for a great night starts with setting the right mood at bedtime. Parents can help set the mood by dimming the lights, turning on the child’s favorite night light, and even possibly playing some soothing music such as their favorite acoustic songs or popular lullabies.


For most toddlers, they love night lights that have movement. Nightlights that project moving stars or lights on the ceiling are excellent examples of night lights with motion. This type of night light can quickly help your toddler fall asleep as they are focused on the soothing movements of the lights.


Playing tranquil melodies are another great way to help your toddler relax so they can slip peacefully into a deep sleep for the night. Maybe your toddler has a favorite song that you can find the acoustic music for, or perhaps they just adore classic lullabies such as “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” This soothing music can be a significant factor to helping your toddler become more comfortable at bedtime.


No matter what route you choose to take, the only important thing is that your child is in a cozy and comfy state to help make sleeping easier for them.


Pick the Perfect “Sleep Training” Technique and Be Consistent!


Most parents believe “sleep training” only pertains to newborns and infants! We are happy to tell you that if you never tried sleep training when your child was smaller, it is still an option. Picking the perfect sleep training technique is vital for helping your toddler sleep through the night. When you’re trying to choose the ideal plan, there are some things you have to take into consideration.


One of the most significant things you have to consider is whether or not you can handle your child crying. Most parents cannot stand to hear their child cry and will do whatever they can to stop the tears. However, other parents know the benefits of letting your child self soothe and work through emotions on their own. No matter which type of parent you are, my sleep training method will be perfect for you and your child.


My methods have an almost 100% success rate with every child. I take the time to learn about your toddler. Each child is different with a unique personality to take into consideration. I use all of this to help create the perfect plan for you to use to help your toddler begin sleeping through the night so you can be the well-rested, energetic parent you were meant to be!


To learn more about my sleep training methods, click here.

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