My Recommended Sleep Items

This article contains affiliate links, but don’t worry I only recommend products that I absolutely love! Halo SleepSack 

The SleepSack is great and it’s a necessity when a baby is transitioning from being in the womb to the outside world. It’s no secret that babies love and need to be swaddled. Not only that, babies tend to wake up due to the Startle Reflex (Read more on that here) Start with the SwaddleSack and transition into the other wearable blankets as your baby grows. The velcro is great on the swaddle because you won’t need to worry about fixing the baby in the middle of the night when she unwraps herself as with regular receiving blankets. My favorite is the micro fleece, it’s super cozy, but they also come in cotton. Not only are these convenient but most importantly they reduce the risk of SIDS. Remember the crib should always be bare, so these make great blankets.

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