Baby Sleep Boot Camp

Here is something I just had to share for all the sleep deprived parents out there. It’s a Baby Sleep Boot Camp, yes I said it, a boot camp! If you tried everything to help your baby sleep and you are completely at your wits end. I think this boot camp is the answer to your prayers.

I have to be honest, as I always am with my readers, it’s  a bit pricey….but if you take a look and consider everything this boot camp is offering, I think you’ll see it’s actually a great deal. After all, this program is guaranteeing your baby to sleep through the night in the shortest time possible. When my baby was waking every 1-2 hours for 8 long months, I would pay just about anything for her to sleep through the night!

Here are some things  the boot camp will help you with:

  • How to get your child to sleep through the night 11-12 hours without waking
  • How to get your baby to fall asleep on their own- the fastest, easiest way to eliminate “sleep props” like soothers, rocking, bouncing, nursing and so on.
  • How to make sure that your child’s sleep environment is optimized for sound sleep
  • How to eliminate nighttime wake ups and what (exactly) you should do when your child wakes up in the night
  • How to encourage longer naps during the day
  • How to get your child out of your bed and into their own room.
  • The secrets for eliminating stress (yours AND your child’s) about sleep
  • And much, much, more 

These are some of your most burning questions, things you google the internet over and over to answer. These are issues I get emailed about daily, that are difficult to solve and personalize. That’s why I love the idea of this sleep boot camp, it gives you the opportunity to solve all of those problems in just a few days. The best part, you and your child get to sleep through the night!

Take a look at the program yourself, like I said it’s pricey, but it truly offers ALOT! Lot’s of personalized help, freebies, and a 100% guarantee. And if it wasn’t backed by a guarantee, I wouldn’t be sharing it with all of you.

Learn more about our baby sleep consultant packages.

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