Baby Sleep Tips: Frequently Asked Questions

baby sleep tipsHow can I get my baby to sleep through the night?
Everyone always wants to know how to to get their baby to sleep through the night. I wish I had a simple answer and a quick fix, but this is an extensive topic. Here are a few of my articles that will guide you in the right direction.

Sleep Training: The Basics
Sleeping Through the Night: My Secrets Revealed

When do babies sleep through the night?
Every baby is different, but most experts say anywhere between 3-6 months a baby is capable of sleeping an 8-12 hour stretch. Read more about that HERE

What age can I start sleep training my baby?
There are some components you can start within the first weeks of birth, while others you will have to wait to implement. Here’s a great article  When Should I Start Sleep Training?.

Does sleep training mean cry it out?
Absolutely not! There are many different methods of sleep training. These phrases should not be used interchangeably.  Here are some no cry sleep solutions

Why is my baby waking so often at night?
Newborns wake frequently because they need nutrition, this is normal. If your baby is older and still waking often during the night. Here are the Most Common Reasons Babies Wake Up at Night.

How can I eliminate unnecessary night time wakings?
The best way to eliminate unnecessary wakings is by teaching your baby how to fall asleep on his/her own. However a baby goes to sleep is how he/she will expect to fall back asleep when they wake in the middle of the night. So if you nurse or rock to sleep, you can expect that your baby will cry for you to do the same when he/she wakes up in the middle of the night. Here is my article on How Do I Teach My Baby to Self Soothe?.

What if I have tried everything on your site and still can’t get my baby to sleep through the night? 
Some babies take a little bit longer to sleep train, because of their personality, temperament, or just because parents need a step by step process to help their baby. Because of this, I offer Personal Email Consultations. Your Consultation will include a step by step plan, along with email support from me each night, so that you know exactly what to do. I offer a variety of options, take a look at my  Baby Sleep Consultation Packages. You can also see what others are saying about my services on my Testimonials Page.

What is a Baby Sleep Consultant?


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