CiPU Diaper Bag Review

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Today I want to tell you about the CiPU (c-pooh) diaper bag. That you can find on Amazon, or on the CiPU website. This is an amazing diaper bag with SO many different features, all the while remaining fashionable. I have been honored to review it and have absolutely fallen in love with this bag. Let’s go over some of the features, that make this bag like no other on the market.CiPU diaper bag review

First, and most important to me is that it is waterproof. All the spills and all messes will not absorb into the fabric. And the pockets on the outside and inside will keep your belonging dry and safe.

The next thing I noticed is that it is very light weight. For a bag that has so many pockets, and compartments, this one is so feathery light. I can easily wear this while out without straining my back or shoulder. This is very important to me. Lugging a baby around is straining enough. This bag itself barely adds any extra weight.

Now for the goodies, take a look at all of these awesome compartments.

This bag comes with 13 compartments.ciPU diaper bag

The CiPU diaper bag also comes with 9 accessories.

CiPU diaper bag review

My favorite is the stroller hook. Take a look!

CiPU diaper bag review



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