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“I filled out my son’s sleep profile after buying her sleep package and waited anxiously for Violet’s reply. She was very responsive ( we received our plan within 24 hours) and the sleep plan was extremely detailed and educational. She went on to explain about sleep schedules, max wake times based on your child’s age, a good sleep environment, feeding for hunger vs. comfort, lovey’s, self soothing techniques etc. I had no idea about any of that stuff and was so glad she shared all of this information with us and it made so much sense after we read it. Within 3 nights our son was putting himself to sleep for both naps and bedtime. Yes, you read that right, he was putting HIMSELF to sleep, it was amazing. The first two nights were rough, but he went to sleep on his own and that was the whole thing we were trying to teach him. By the third night he fussed for about 5-10 minutes ( not crying, fussy) and then put himself to sleep, it was amazing. Within a week, he was putting himself to sleep, taking 1-2 hour predictable naps, and going to bed at a good predicable bedtime and only waking up once at night to nurse and would put himself right back to sleep until the morning.

Not only did his sleep and schedule completely transform, but his demeanor also completely changed. Instead of being fun and happy for about 30-40 minutes after waking up and then being super fussy until we got him to sleep again, he was happy ALL THE TIME. He was finally getting the rest he needed to grow and develop and started hitting milestones left and right. My husband and I could not be happier and we love watching out little boy thrive. He is now almost 9 months old and sleeping 11-12 hours through the night and has been since 6 months old. We actually look forward to our bedtime routine every night knowing that once we are down with the routine he will go to sleep with no problem and get the sleep he needs. We have used the other emails when we had questions on sleep regressions, sleep training, illness, etc. and needed help tweaking how sleep schedules. Violet again was very responsive and extremely helpful and taught us how to work through these issue without undoing all the work we had done with him. This is not a cry it out method at all! I was so hesitant to try sleep training because I was nervous my son would think I wouldn’t be there for him and was abandoning him. Violet’s method is effective, but gentle sleep training. You will not leave them to cry it out by themselves in their crib. You will learn gentle techniques to help soothe your baby while teaching them to fall asleep on their own. We could not be happier with Violet and her sleep program, she has turned our household completely around now that we are all getting the sleep we need and are happy and healthy. My husband often jokes that we should start buying her email packages for first time parents as a shower gift instead of something on their registry. Thank you so much Violet and we will definitely be using her services again in the future if needed for future children”

~Kelsey, MI



My daughter was 9 months old and I finally decided that I had enough sleepless nights and naps were no break for me either. I was feeding P at least four times through the night and naps were only 30 minutes long. So, my husband and I found the Sleep Baby Sleep website and decided to use Violet as our sleep consultant. We decided she was our best option because she offered 100% satisfaction and she was the most reasonably priced consultant we could find that offered so much more than the others! We weren’t disappointed either. Violet gave us great information and a plan that was easy to follow. We loved getting the daily support and quick responses to our questions. Within a few days our daughter was sleeping 12 hours a night and her naps got longer!! We couldn’t believe how fast it worked and wondered why we had waited so long to get help. It is amazing what night after night of good sleep can do for a family! Thank you Violet for offering your time and experience to help our family catch those extra zzzzzzz’s!
~Melinda, Canada



Violet is truly amazing. 2 weeks- and our baby (8 months old) is sleeping straight thru at night between 8-10 hours and doubled his nap lengths (45min naps to 1.5+), as well as learned to self soothe and put self to sleep. (huge!!!) my husband and I can not thank her enough… we FINALLY feel like we can become “normal” again. Words do not describe our gratitude.

Being able to get a ‘personalized plan’ specifically for our babe and situation- was great. being able to email her day or night (sometimes middle of the night :)) and get responses almost immediate every time- was truly amazing.

Everyone’s situation is different. no “one size” approach fits all. We do not believe in the full blown CIO method and were looking for alternatives… anything but that…enter Miss Violet! Her knowledge and skills are expert level.
Put your trust in Violet- she has helped us, and she WILL help you. worth every cent!! Thank you thank you Violet. you are our angel and we are forever grateful…
~ Jen, Wisconsin



This has most definitely been the best decision I’ve made as a dedicated Mum. I wanted to ensure I was doing the best for my baby, and the best way I learn is from one to one advice. There’s so much conflicting information on the internet, and from many different sources, so to be guided by just one person (with renowned success) was my favourite option and I am forever thankful for the excellent advice. Violet has been a wonderful mentor. Her advice was caring and personal and has made such a difference in our lives. My little boy (11 weeks) went from waking 3 times a night, and a teary bedtime and naptime, to sleeping 12 hours at night with just one feed, and a much smoother nap time routine. We are one proud, happy family 🙂 thank you Violet, you’ve been amazing! 🙂~ Gemma



Thank goodness for this wonderful lady!! I highly recommend her services if your baby is having trouble getting to sleep/sleeping through/waking early. I have gone from having to feed/walk/drive/bounce/rock my 9 month old to sleep, to her falling asleep in minutes on her own in her cot with no effort at all. Also gone from waking 2-3 times a night to sleeping 12 hours without waking!!!!! I am a new woman xx
~ Rachel, Bristol United Kingdom



My second daughter Lily had never slept more than 2-3 hours she was approaching 6 months and we were all exhausted. I and my family were convinced something physical was wrong with Lily as being my second child I kept thinking I had not encountered these issues with my first daughter. After seeing a paediatrician and getting the all clear I started looking into sleep behaviour and how it works. One night or morning (?) at 3pm after finding Violet’s website I felt relief in an instance, I was excited and my gut told me to go for it. I couldn’t have been more right! After working with Violet for the last 3 weeks has been great, hard at times but not as hard as not sleeping each night and having to look after a baby and a toddler.
The best part for us has been seeing our baby become happier, healthier and reach milestones. Lily now loves sleeping and it’s lovely to go to her room with her looking and feeling refreshed from a good nights sleep / nap. I would recommend Violets services, my mum calls her an angel as she has completely changed our lives for the better, thank you.

~Jasmine, UK



From birth my daughter Nerys was a brilliant sleeper, waking only once for a feed in the night and then going straight back to sleep until morning. Day time naps had always been a bit of an issue, with her rarely sleeping for longer than 10-15 minutes at a time from a very young age. However, things got drastically worse following a cold she had at approximately 6 months old. She was literally waking up every 20 minutes all night long and this behaviour continued long after the cold was gone. I was totally at my wits end but couldn’t bring myself to leave her to cry. I searched for no cry techniques of sleep training and came across Violet’s website. I was highly skeptical when reading through the information about how someone on almost the other side of the world could help me via email when as far as I could see, I had tried EVERYTHING. However, as I’ve said, I was totally at my wits end and thought that at that point I had nothing to lose. Plus Violet has a money back guarantee, so if everything had gone wrong, as I was suspicious it would, I would not lose out financially. The fact that this guarantee was in place did increase my confidence somewhat as obviously to provide such a guarantee proves the confidence of success. It turns out it was the best (approx) £25 I have ever spent! It literally transformed my life. I purchased the 3 email package, whereby I provided a detailed account of everything I could think of about Nerys (her sleep/wake cycle, meal times, bedtime routine, how we got her to sleep, how we responded when she woke at night, what she ate, any health problems, etc etc) and Violet responded with a plan of action. I kept a detailed log of what happened on the first night, compiled a (quite extensive) list of questions and sent this back to her the next day. The email back I received this time was the second of the 3 emails I had purchased and not only put my mind at rest about how we had handled night number one but also provided additional advice to ‘polish’ our techniques. I saved the final email for a few days to make sure I was happy with how things were progressing. On night 4 of following the technique, Nerys slept 12 hours straight and has pretty much done so ever since. It truly was amazing the difference I felt in myself. I went from not being able to speak to anyone without crying after weeks of no sleep, back to the mum I used to be, enjoying my time with my little girl and being rested enough to function! Nerys is now 18 months old and I am nearly 34 weeks pregant with her soon to be little brother! I couldn’t be happier. I still keep in touch with Violet, providing her with general updates on Nerys and the rest of our family. I would say she has become a friend. I recommend her to anyone and everyone I hear talking about sleep problems with their little ones.~Liz, United Kingdom


From the first day on I was very impressed with Violet’s helpfulness. She always responded to all my questions and patiently handled all my worries and swarm of emails 🙂 Within a couple of days I have seen a dramatic change in our baby’s sleep, our baby is only 3 months old but by day 2 she was already sleeping 10 hours!! a night. We have also seen a big change with the daytime naps, we did not need to rock her anymore and from time to time she did not need our help to get herself back to sleep, yaaay! I could finally start living my life stress free as I am alone with my baby a lot at home because my husband has to travel a lot. So for me this program and Violet was a lifesaver. I also really loved her way of handling me. Being in touch with her felt like talking to my mum, I will honestly miss her, her guidance and calmness. I would and I will definitely recommend her to anyone who has similar issues with their baby, it was one of the best investments ever! Thank you Violet!! God Bless you 🙂~ Melinda, United Arab Emirates


“Pressing ‘buy now’ on your website was the best decision I have made so far as a parent. Olivia didn’t sleep very well and had several sleep props. I had read so much about sleep training on the web that I just felt so confused. In one week you have turned my baby and our lives around. Olivia is sleeping through the night, her feeding is more settled and she is finally in a routine. She is happier through the day as she’s no longer tired from such poor sleep at night. You answered all of our questions very promptly and in a lovely kind manor. We can never thank you enough. Knowing you were just at the end of an email was extremely reassuring and a huge help. Our family is much happier now we can finally get some proper sleep. It is without doubt the best money I’ve ever spent xxx”~ Rebecca, United Kingdom



“Senne was 10 months when we asked Violet for help. By that point he had not once slept through the night. There were times that things were not quite so bad, with Senne waking 3 to 4 times a night, but going back to sleep as soon as we reinserted his paci. Believe it or not, this was hard fought progress. However, after a particularly bad bout of teething and a trip abroad we regressed back to almost newborn stage. Senne did not want to fall asleep unless I spent hours patting, cuddling and rocking him and not leaving his side. If I dared make a move for the door, he would scream the neighbourhood down. Not only would this happen at bedtime but also several times during the night. We were exhausted and so was Senne, it was a dreadful time. Violet sent us a very helpful and detailed sleep plan. Violet responded to my despairing email with a long and reassuring reply, telling me Senne just needed to learn how to fall asleep on his own and that I would soon have a content baby who slept through the night. That very same night he slept within 10 minutes and slept through the night for the very first time! I was absolutely over the moon.

Senne has been sleeping through the night since (and so have we). We are all feeling rested and happy in the morning and Senne greets me with a huge smile on his face. He is now adjusting to the 1 nap a day schedule that we introduced at the same time and he is doing great.

I really cannot recommend Violet enough. She is a very skilled and knowledgeable lady who speaks the wise words of a woman who sleeps! We couldn’t have done it without her.”~Senne, Renée and Joost, United Kingdom


“Before I contacted Violet Anthony had never slept through the night, he was usually up twice a night. He was also dependent on nursing to fall asleep. I couldn’t believe it, the first night he slept 11 hours straight!! It’s been 2 1/2 weeks so far and every single night he’s slept for 10-11 hours! He also no longer falls asleep nursing! Now he nurses and pulls off when he wants to go to bed. He loves his crib which is a total change from before when he would cry every time I laid him down. Thank you so much!! Honestly, I thought there was no way my stubborn little guy would go into his crib awake and fall asleep. It’s amazing!! Thanks!! I can sleep again!!”~ Alison, California


“My 16 month old co-slept with us since birth and it came time to transition him to his crib. He constantly woke up during the night and the only way he would fall back to sleep if I nursed him. I tried Ferber method and it didn’t work so I reached out to Violet. She laid out a detailed sleep plan for my son that we followed. She also had helpful suggestions for night weaning. Within 3 nights, my son fell asleep on his own and slept a full 12 hours! Violet was an incredible rescource and promptly answered any questions I had regarding his sleep training. We are so grateful to her and her knowledge.”
~ Becca, CT


“I am the proud mommy to two beautiful nine month old twin girls. Being a twin mommy is definitely a challenge during the day, but the nights have been almost unbearable since the girls came home from the hospital. In the beginning, my girls were eating on a strict three hour feeding schedule but after the first few months, I felt like it was time that they should be able to sleep longer and go without eating so often. However, I was not able to figure out how to get them to do this on my own and this mommy was ready to throw in the towel!

After trying literally everything known to man that other mothers tell you to try and do to get a baby to sleep through the night, I finally stumbled on the blog “Sleep, Baby, Sleep” through a facebook link on sleep solutions. I figured that I had nothing to lose so I gave it a shot and purchased the seven day package. Because I have two girls, I decided to take it one baby at a time and see how it went with the first and then move onto the second. Trying this with two at the same time sounded impossible! So, that’s what I did. I started with my easier baby girl and the first night was bad. Very bad…but Violet warned me that it would be. The next few nights got better and I saw progress and I also felt more confident in my new tactics so I moved onto the beginning with my second baby. She did even better than her sister who had began before her! I was very surprised to see such quick and drastic progress! The thing that really blew me away was from the very first email that Violet sent to me giving me advice was the fact that she nailed the problem…and it had never even crossed my mind before! After all my own problem solving…I kept coming up empty handed. But then Violet hit the nail on the head and told me that she felt the problem was that my girls both relied on sleep props to help them get to and go back to sleep…not just the bottle but the main culprit were their pacies! I had no idea this wasn’t the right thing to do…I had been putting a paci in their mouth while rocking them to sleep and then getting up all throughout the night to reinsert the paci once it was lost to get them back to sleep! I was also rocking my girls to sleep and they weren’t able to put themselves back to sleep on their own…therefore, mommy was up ALL NIGHT LONG between the two! It was absolutely awful. But now, only almost two weeks into our new sleep training, both of my girls have slept the last three nights in a row without me having to get up one single time! It is unbelievable! This morning was the first time that me, my husband, and both girls all got to spend a little time together after waking up and we were all smiles! This seems so simple but it truly is a blessing to have my whole family wake up happy and well-rested. Thank you so much, Violet for helping my family get some good sleep and to all feel better! I know that I am helping my babies now by allowing them to rest well and grow like they are supposed to! I will definitely be back in touch with Violet in the future if there are any sleep issues and would highly recommend her services to anyone with a baby who has sleep issues. Thanks Violet! ” ~Krissy, Alabama



While I loved bed sharing with my daughter, it was not only creating a strain between my husband and me, but it wasn’t allowing me to accomplish daily tasks, as my world revolved around going to bed and waking with her, along with being tired throughout the day with her multiple wakings through the night to nurse. She was also dependent on her swing to nap, which was very sporadic. We turned to Violet because my husband wanted to try CIO and I was very much against just shutting the door and letting her cry. I figured a mediator with experience would save a lot of arguing. I won’t say the process was easy, but it was absolutely worth it! Hillary now sleeps from 7:30p-7:30a consistently. Her naps are still hit or miss, however she’s the type of kid who doesn’t want to miss anything, so it’s not so much that the advice didn’t work but that she wants to be awake and exploring. While I greatly miss our snuggles (and even nursing in the middle of the night), it’s been nice to be back in the same room with my husband after 7 months in different rooms. Plus, now I get to wake earlier in the day to get things accomplished before she wakes for the day! I am back in the habit of my 5 am workouts, which I really missed! Oh, and now I wake each morning and get to pump! I never had the ability before, so I never had a stash built, making going anywhere without her difficult. Now that I have a little wiggle room, my husband and I have been able to go on a date!~Katie, Indiana


“I can’t even begin to thank you! I feel so relieved! Honestly, I don’t feel so trapped anymore. I know that anyone (husband, nanny) will be able to get her to sleep. I wasn’t able to leave the house without her and it was driving me crazy! Especially since I have a three year old that needs me a lot. I have been in the best mood! I am grateful I found you. Thank you soo much! I wish I would of known about you when my first daughter started to have sleep problems. She is 3.5 and still does not sleep through the night and is always asking for milk in the middle of the night! It’s exhausting! Your services helped me when I thought there was no hope for sleep anytime soon! Thank you so much. We are all so much happier!”~Juliette, Texas


“Violet was very helpful and dedicated. She helped me and my son understand the sleeping process and discover what was his favorite and soothing way to put himself to sleep. Do it. You wont regret.”~ Dorota, Texas




I was sleeping in my daughters room and had been for three months until I contacted Violet . Eleanor was waking every hour, sometimes for several hours. I was so worried she would wake the rest of the family I decided that sleeping in her room was my only option. Thanks to Violet, Eleanor is now sleeping through the night and I’m back in my own bed. I was dreading the training but with Violet’s constant reassurance and advice the process was much easier. Knowing that I had to email Violet the next day also stopped me from quitting on nights that it became tough. I’m so happy we found Sleep, Baby, Sleep. I feel like such a better mummy for getting a good nights sleep.~ Rebecca, UK






“This is a must. Violet is so knowledgeable, prompt and the results speak for themselves” ~ Kathleen, Illinois


“My daughter slept/nursed through the night with me for the first 5 months. It was really hard to imagine separating from her on so many levels. We were (I thought) sleeping peacefully in my bed so I was nervous to break this. My daughter had several very strong sleep associations which we were able to overcome. I won’t say this program wasn’t difficult but there is no way I would’ve stuck with it without Violet’s support. She gave me useful scientific data to back up her suggestions, support when we needed it (which seemed often) and most of all, our family the gift of sleep. We stayed sleep training about 4 weeks ago and affects 2 weeks of tough times, we saw progress each night, and now, Lucy sleeps 11 hours straight through consistently EVERY night. It’s pretty unbelievable and we did eventually realize that tummy sleeping is best for her. I was wigged out that nap training would also be as difficult (she was July sleeping on us or in a swing) and wouldn’t you know- first try in the crib- bam out to sleep. I feel so grateful to have found Violet after reading just about every sleep book under the sun. She helped me realize that our situation was different and that my daughter needed to learn to sleep independently- which she now does. It’s also been better for her at daycare. Violet is so prompt, honest, supportive, sweet and helpful I will be recommending her to everyone I know”~ Casey, Seattle


“Thanks again for your help and advice, someone like you being there for support and advice is a life saver for a struggling mum. I cannot thank u enough. You are like the first time mums fairy godmother!~ Maxine, United Kingdom


“Hi Violet, I just wanted to let you know that things are going great for us with Alex. About a week after he turned 4 months Alex was waking up less and less so I moved the guest bed out of his room so I couldn’t sleep there anymore. That night he only woke up once for feeding. The next night the same. The third night he woke up, but I felt that he wasn’t hungry since the nights before he didn’t eat that much. So I just gave him paci and he went back to sleep. Next night and then few after that, he wakes up maybe once and fusses only for like few seconds before he finds his thumb and he is out again. Yea thumb! 🙂 I put him down with a paci and he doesn’t wake up screaming for it. He just wakes up once around midnightand like I said he quickly finds his thumb. He doesn’t sleep with it. It falls out as quick as the paci and he sleeps without it. Sometimes when I look in the camera in the middle of the night I see him with the thumb so I am sure he finds it few times during the night but He makes no noise at al,l so I guess I can easily say he is sleeping thru the night. From 8pm till 7am:) Maybe one day he will find the paci instead of the thumb. 🙂 I just wanted to thank you again for the support and advice you had given me along this process. I couldn’t do it without you! God Bless you and good luck with everything! :)”
~ Dorota, Texas


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help, you have seriously helped and effectively transformed my life. I find it so, so, SO much easier being a mummy all day long after a full night of sleep. I was very impressed with the speed of response for each email etc. An hour can seem like forever when you are really worried about something, and knowing that your email would be there before bath time was a bit of a comfort blanket as I knew I’d have some more advice to help with that night. I have also appreciated the flexible nature of the service. Initially when I emailed you I was petrified that you were going to say that because we had tried the training on your site and it had failed after working initially, that you were unable to help us. But you have helped us to get back on track, and I am very grateful. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to a friend, and if in the future I need some more assistance, you will be the one I go to.
~ Liz xx, United Kingdom


“I have come to truly appreciate Violet. Her knowledge, warmth, and how she shares her own experiences is so helpful. She also has a ton of helpful resources. As a sleep deprived momma we need people like her as a go to source since just endlessly googling can become overwhelming. Thank you Violet”
~ Merrick, San Diego, California


“Best money I have ever spent, cleared any queries straight away. I really felt like I had your support if I had any questions. My baby is sleeping through the night, and has done for the last 2 weeks! Thank you so much! She goes to bed between 7.15 – 7.30pm and smiles at me when I put her down! It’s a dream come true, literally! She wakes between 6.30-7am. Lastly and importantly, thank you so much for giving me the confidence to stick with it with the knowledge that the hard few nights are worth it long term. It was the best money I’ve ever spent! We are all so much happier!

Many thanks again,”
~ Amy, Derbyshire, United Kingdom


“Thank you very much for your help! It has made a huge difference in breaking the bad habits we had that we would probably still be doing today if you hadn’t helpless us. Very quick responses to email, specific, concise and effective solutions to our questions and problems. And most importantly our 8 month old falls asleep on her own now and we have the evenings back to ourselves!”
~ Marco, California


“My baby girl was sleeping in my bed, she is 12 weeks old. My back hurt and she nursed all night long just sucking for comfort. She was also a very very fussy baby, but after sleep training it’s like I have a new happy baby! She now sleeps in her own crib in her own room and will only wake up maybe once to eat, if not she sleeps through the night!! It’s amazing. I never thought it could be done and I was so nervous about it but after a few nights it got easier and easier. Best money I have ever spent, my husband and I have our bed back and everyone sleeps happy plus we all actually get sleep now!! Thank you Violet.”
~ Sarah, San Diego CA



“Thank you so much for your time with our family. I cannot accurately express how fortunate Zac and I feel to have found you, and wish we would have asked for help even sooner. I agree that Cambrie is doing great, one week ago Cambrie was needing to be rocked for 3 hours between 10-1, only to wake a few hours later for the day. Now she is sleeping all night long. She has cried less through this sleep training process than she did before any training, and when we attempted trainings on our own. It was so great to have you to answer my sleep questions, and you were so prompt on responding which helped.”
~ Holly, Texas





“I was at my wits end. My baby would constantly wake up several times a night and I had no idea on where to start. Violet was very understanding and always there to give me encouragement and reassurance that I was on the right track. I felt so comfortable with her and kinda miss our daily interactions. My baby now only wakes up once a night which is significantly better than 5 x a night. I think you are such a warm person that gives people reassurance and comfort.”
~ Anonymous, MD


“Our baby was starting out in the crib and would be in our bed by midnight. I needed someone to really guide me through the process, as I was finding that the books and articles were not helping me. I needed individual help. Now he is sleeping 11 hours in his crib, and it has been 9 days. I didn’t think this was possible. Violet was great and I would recommend her help to anyone. I will contact her again for any questions that may arise and certainly with the next baby! Also really appreciated how quickly she returned emails.”
~ Vanessa, Texas


“My daughter slept in our arms, in a co-sleeper, in a chair, in her car seat and in our bed. She did not sleep in her crib until the day she turned 11 months old, thanks to Violet! We formed a lot of bad habits and lost a lot of sleep in 11 months’ time. Violet’s sleep plan worked in 4 nights. Now we lay Emi down in her crib at 7:30 pm and she stays asleep until the morning! My whole family is sleeping through the night and it is wonderful! What a gift. Thank you Violet”
~ LeeAnn, New Hampshire


“Our 3 month old was being fed to sleep at night and would only nap in the day in the carrier. Within 2 nights she was putting herself to sleep at night and through the night and she naps in the day in her cot easily within 2-3 weeks. We couldn’t have achieved this without Violet’s help, advice and encouragement. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas”
>~ Clare, England




As I expressed in an earlier email to you – you
literally changed our lives. Before working with you my little one was sleeping swaddled in the rock n play and would wake up several times each night (and only fall back asleep if I nursed her). To make things worse, she was only able to nap while my husband or I held her and walked around with white noise playing in the background. God forbid we tried to sit down with her. Needless to say, life was difficult. After speaking with you we swapped the swaddle for a sleep sack, and started putting our little one to sleep in her crib (that before then had been used to hold her clean clothes…) at night and for naps. It took about 24 hours for her to “get used to it.” In that first week she was waking up, at most, twice per night. We no longer have to hold her to nap, and we are getting some serious use out of her crib. I will say it again, I don’t know what we would have done without you.
~ Nicole, Massachusetts



Thank you soooo much! It’s unreal. This baby has never slept more than 3-4 hours in a row since his birth. It really is unbelievable. We really can’t believe how relatively easy it was and how great it is to put him to sleep in 10 seconds now, compared to an hour before Amazing!!! Thank you thank you! I’m still speechless!!!


~Mira, Louisiana


I am the definition of a new mom. I am worried, concerned, not sure if I am doing the right thing, mentally exhausted and constantly hoping I’m doing the right thing! One of my main concerns is sleep. Thankfully our little man has always been a decent sleeper (knock on wood), however I struggled with transitioning him to his crib and trying to determine if our night time routine was the best for him. Violet was my go-to sleep guru. She provided me with SO much information and created a detailed plan for myself and my son. She answered ALL my questions quickly and was someone who could always give me piece of mind! It was SO reassuring knowing I had someone I could contact for answers to all my questions. Her advice is invaluable. I HIGHLY recommend you visit her website and read through all of her wonderful FREE information. If that doesn’t help, I couldn’t encourage you more to reach out to her and purchase one of her consultation packages. She helped us immensely! My little man is now sleeping in his crib and we are so proud of him! I continue to check out her site and I have her email saved, as I am sure I will be purchasing more packages in the future. When something works – you stick with it! Violet was absolutely amazing and I couldn’t recommend her more. For all those new moms out there – I PROMISE it gets better = hang in there – YOU are doing a great job!
~Bree, Connecticut


The weekend before we started our sleep training with Violet was one of the worst sleep weekends we had since our daughter was born. She was almost 8 months and we needed a solution! Nights one and two were a little difficult, but we worked through it with comfort knowing that Violet was just an email away to let us know we were doing just what we needed to be doing. On day three, we saw huge success! We were able to lay our baby, who just a few days prior, screamed profusely if we even started to put her down….and we were able to lay her in her crib and watch her close her eyes and drift off to sleep! Knowing that our daughter now has a routine that gives both her and us comfort is priceless and I know we would have never made it here without Violet! I will recommend her to everyone in the future! Our lives have changed so much for the better!
~Kelly, Indiana




I actually had my husband send me his debit card information, to sign up for consulting, because I was rocking my 11week old in his dark room, yet again, for a nap. Hearing Violets success rate had me committed. I saw results IMMEDIATELY! Everyday got better. I was worried with only emails that I wouldn’t be able to explain and get the answers I needed but I did. The first day I counted 22 emails. It was SO helpful to not only know the principles but to have someone help you actual implement them. It gave guidelines to ideas/theories I already knew and opened my eyes to my babies dependencies I didn’t see. I will be contacting Violet IMMEDIATELY when the next problem arises. I googled for 12weeks (his whole life ;)) trying to figure it out and within a few days With Violet we had it nailed down. I’m telling all my family and friends so they don’t have to struggle with their babies sleep issues! This mom thing is no joke ;). Thank you Violet!
~Marcy, Michigan



My baby boy is my life but as I also love sleep ! He would never sleep! I mean unless he had a boob in his mouth or was rocked he wouldn’t sleep. As soon as I put him down he’s awake . We ended up co sleeping frown emoticon I loved co sleeping as I got great sleep , however we could never leave him anywhere or with anyone frown emoticon . After 24 weeks of co sleeping I had enough he was a big boy and my back was tired! I contacted Violet after a refferal from a friend and to be honest I wasn’t hopeful it was going to work , how could someone who online help my child sleep. I was wrong I got a sleep plan and questions answered whenever I needed it. I dedicated a week with my husband and it worked. Yes we had a few tears but not crying it out. Violet gave us a gentle plan to ease him into his cot and ditch the dummy and the props . Perfect! I now can put my son in his cot and walk away and enjoy my evening. I can sleeep! He wakes up and goes back to sleep . I highly reccomend Violet services!! If you want your sleep back and sanity sign up now! Thank you Violet he’s one happy boy
~ Kia, England UK


My 4 months daughter was waking up 3 times a night when I decided to work with Violet and do exactly what she recommends. The first night was very promising since i managed to put her back to sleep without nursing her for the first time. The second night she slept through the night even if both of us were waking up but getting back to sleep by ourselves. Since then she sleeps through the night. Little accidents still happen but overall life has back to normal. The nap training went really well too and for the first time last Sunday I did not leave my friends house just after lunch and I managed to make her fall asleep in the middle of the room, just following the routine. All this became even very exciting and challenging. On top of that, I can see that my daughter is much more happy and relaxed. Thank you!
~ Olivia, California


Im a super happy mom now thanx to my dear Violet. My baby boy is 6 mos old now and when it comes to

sleep he was a total mess. He only slept for 45 min top on his best, was a fussy baby for 24 h. He started to wake up every hour and wanted me to pick him up and stay with him but i was so tired and slept deprived so I couldn’t hold it anymore.


I started to feel very stressful till I decided on 31 of may to take the 7 day package of sleep consultant, and at day 3 my baby was sooo good at sleeping on his own with no help at all from me or anything else. The first 2 days was difficult but now after 1 week my baby sleeps 2 naps a day from 1.5-2 hours and i put him to bed at bedtime 8:30 he dont cry, don’t fuss at all and his asleep within minutes and very calm. Thank you violet. I dont have words to thank you how you deserved it. Thanks to you we have a super happy and calm baby and a life on our own. Im very grateful. My advice: the money you will spent (for your baby’s health) are nothing compare to the results you will see at the end. ~Mom of baby Ridley Ian,
~ Ticiana, Albania



Thank you, thank you, thank you! My son was almost a year old and still waking anywhere from every two to four hours. I was a skeptic but willing to try anything. I purchased the two week package thinking this would take a lot as I had tried just about everything. The second night my son slept from 8-830!!!!! I was beyond shocked! Violet was amazing to work with. It felt like working with one of my best friends. Thank you!!!
~ Sammie, Rhode Island


Before I had Violet’s help, Ben was up often. The first 3 hours of sleeping every 20 minutes. The rest of the nights between 2-5 times. I was so tired and all I wanted was sleep. I tried sleep training before but I failed. A friend recommended Violet, I took a look on her page and signed up the same day for the 7 day package.The first evening was hard but after that night everything was just so easy. By night 3 he fell asleep within a few minutes without crying, and he usually wakes up once. Even naps are easy going now, I put him down and within a few minutes he sleeps. I feel like a new person with all this sleep 🙂 Ben is also a much happier little boy. I could not have done it without the support and help of Violet. I am so glad for her help. I finally have my evenings back which is AMAZING!!!!
This was the best way I could have spend my money. If you struggle with your baby’s sleep, don’t hesitate, sign up with Violet she will help you! Thanks Violet.
~ Ines, Canada


Thank you so much for all of your help. I can’t even begin to explain how helpful and specific your advice has been!! You obviously have a wealth of knowledge about babies sleep needs and I can recommend your services enough! I will absolutely use your services again in the future if I have any more questions.

I just wanted to let you know how helpful you have been and how much I appreciate it!
~ Sara


Our daughter’s sleep habits drastically changed after a week of sleep training. She went from waking every 1.5 – 2 hours in the night to only waking twice (sometimes only once to eat) in a 10 hour time frame. She now naps on her own. She used to only nap in her car seat or while being held. She also goes to sleep with little to no fussing. It’s amazing to have her on a schedule and having her sleep independently. Violet’s coaching is great because you have someone to tell you whether or not you’re doing it right; someone to give you the positive reinforcement, that I definitely needed.

~Lauren, Michigan


We were at our wits end with our 4-month old.  He went from sleeping 6 continuous hours a night to waking up every hour.  He wouldn’t go back to bed unless held and rocked…only to wake up 1 hour later.
We read about Violet’s services a few months prior but thought since he was sleeping, we were doing ok.  When that all of a sudden changed, we decided to go for it.
Hands down, it has been the best decision we have made for our baby and family since becoming new parents.  Violet’s advice was spot on and her responsiveness is impeccable.  We can’t recommend her enough…she has been a Godsend to our family.  We are so grateful to her for everything.

~Afreen, New Jersey


When my daughter was born I knew I was in for it when she wouldn’t sleep in the bedside bassinet…she always wanted to be with me. Her sleep troubles started early and she would not sleep on her back. It took me a long time for figure out that she was a belly sleeper and I mean 2+ months. The sleep troubles continued…she was eating poorly, sleeping poorly and napping poorly. At 5 months she was waking up multiple times a night for things such as : hold my hand, pat my back give me a binky, a milk snack, etc. I was exhausted and it began to strain our relationship. I didn’t want to be around her anymore, I wasn’t sleeping and I was downright exhausted. When someone first told me about Violet I was thinking that it was neat but I’d never need it. Now it is the best money I have ever spent. My daughter Olivia responded very quickly to the program and the improvements were huge! On the third night she slept through the night and while we have had some minor hiccups along the way she continues to sleep through the night and eat well during the day. She is happier and I am happier and our relationship is so much better. I could never have done it without Violet. There is so much I was doing wrong, that I thought was right. Truly one of the best experiences of my life and a lifesaver. My baby is so happy now!

~Emily, CT




Violet helped both my sons tremendously. Habits were formed that needed to be broken in order for them to fall asleep on their own. I first contacted her to help my 5 month old, Montgomery, fall asleep more easil

y without needing me or his bottle. Monty has been a good sleeper since he was born but he needed a little help to master the skill of falling asleep on his own. He is still perfecting his self-soothing skills but has made significant progress compared to before we worked with Violet.


The biggest change though was my toddler, Emmett. This was unexpected given I did not have him in mind when contacting Violet. My husband and I pretty much accepted the routine and wakings surrounding our older son. It was after working with her on Montgomery that I wondered if she could help change a few bad habits that had formed with Emmett – the biggest being how he wanted me or my husband crib-side to fall asleep. We’d put him in and hang around until he was slipping into slumber. Usually he’d wake once in the night calling out for us to come “hang out” again until he dozed back to sleep. He caught on very quickly because by the second night when he was put in his crib and my husband walked out, all we heard was a big lazy yawn, some rustling around, and then SILENCE! My jaw dropped in disbelief. It’s been a week now of going to sleep with no problems and no wakings in the middle of the night!! I’m still awe struck! Thank you Violet!!
~ Mariah, NYC




Violet completely changed my life. I am the mother of a 4 month old whose sleeping patterns weren’t terrible, but were definitely not great. He would go to sleep at around 9:45 at night and would often sleep until 5 or 6 in the morning, waking some nights. The problem for me was the lack of napping. I would read on blogs about mothers who were complaining that their baby only slept for 45 minute stretches. I WISHED my baby would sleep for 45 minute stretches. The only way to get my LO to sleep was by vigorously rocking his stroller and by continuously rocking his stroller throughout the entire nap. And even then, his naps only lasted for about 20 minutes at a time. If he didn’t get enough sleep during the day, he would wake up multiple times at night. So I spent most of my day everyday trying to get my baby to sleep.

Enter: Violet. I found Violet’s website and was very impressed by all of the information. When I saw that she had consultation packages, I immediately wanted to get one. My husband and I went back and forth about if the price was worth it, and eventually, we decided to give it a shot. We bought one week of unlimited emails. By the end of day 1, it took my baby as short as 15 minutes to fall asleep in his crib by himself. Not only that, but I put him down for a nap at with the intention of slowly moving his bed time earlier; he slept until the next morning! It was as if he was saying to me, “mom, why didn’t you do this earlier?”

Developmentally, the sleep training has also had a huge effect on my baby. He was able to roll over from front to back for about a month before we started, but he was very bad at it, and I had only seen him do it about 5 times. Typically, he would start to tantrum, scream, and cry, and no matter how much we left him, he would not roll over. After the amazing 12 hour night of sleep, he spent the next day rolling over and over, across the whole floor, having such a great time.

Since working with Violet, my son now consistently sleeps 11 to 12 hours per night with very infrequent wakings in the middle of the night, naps wonderfully during the day, and always wakes up with a huge smile. Not only was the price worth it, we think it was a complete steal!!!
~Carly, New York


Our little man was very dependent on props to fall asleep and was waking 2-3 times a night to be comforted back to sleep. All three of us were suffering from lack of sleep, irritability and were at our whits end. We purchased the 2-week package because we knew that it would take some time to learn a new habit and our little one had just about 12 months of us soothing him to sleep. The first 5 nights were the hardest for us but we still saw results and after that, we were astounded! Our little man was soothing himself to sleep for 12 hours a night! We made tremendous progress with two naps a day and we were all feeling great.

After about 3 weeks with this new system in place, our little guy had a sleep over and still fell asleep (and stayed asleep) all on his own! My husband and I feel grateful and more in love with our little one than ever. What a difference sleep has made for our family! We are thrilled to know too that our little man is getting the rest he needs to grow and develop.

Grateful beyond words! Sleep Baby Sleep has drastically changed our lives for the better. I recommend these services to every new parent. Violet’s support and guidance were invaluable. She answered all emails quickly, kindly and with clear instruction. We knew we were in good hands and our little guy sleeping through the night is proof!
~Cyndi, Connecticut




At 9 months, Lilla was waking several times at night and I had resorted to sleeping on the floor in her room. There were nights when she would go to sleep at 7, only to wake at 8:30 and not go back to sleep until after midnight. That was my breaking point. While we thought we had taught Lilla to fall asleep on her own, after contacting Violet, we found we were wrong. She was reliant on us to fall asleep and to stay that way. My husband and I committed to helping our sweet baby girl learn to fall asleep on her own and on the second night, I spent the whole night in bed for the first time in 9 months! No more nights feeds!

On the third night, Lilla slept all night and has been doing so (most nights) ever since.

Violet was our saving grace and we are so grateful for all her help, guidance and encouragement. We certainly could not have done it without her.
~ Emma, Australia



Violet was amazing! By night 3 my baby slept with only a few wake ups but was able to smooth himself back to sleep. By the end of our one week session he was sleeping through the night with no waking at all!!

~Tara, CT


My daughter has been up feeding every two hours from birth and not slept through once. We had to rock or feed her to sleep day and night and if she woke whilst putting her down to sleep the whole process would start again. Six months old and I was shattered so we purchased the two week plan and within days we were putting her to bed a wake, I wasn’t feeding her during the night and she was sleeping through.Violets help has been fantastic and it was the best money I spent was worth every penny.

If you are like I was a desperate for some sleep I would recommend you purchase a sleep plan.

You really won’t regret it!

Thank you Violet.
~Dani, England




Honestly can not thank you enough for all the help you gave us. Can’t believe a few weeks ago I was crying in the middle of the night desperate for longer than 40 mins sleep at a time and now my baby girl gets up once a night and that’s it!!! She is so much happier, I feel well rested and I can go back to enjoying the good times during the day rather than stressing constantly and being so tired and grumpy! I don’t expect to have any other problems as you gave me so much invaluable advice to cover almost every situation under the sun, but if I EVER have issues I won’t wait. Would happily contact you again! Wish I had found you sooner!
~ Jude, Scotland







Violet was able to help me get my four month old on an actual schedule, which she never did before. My husband I would try to guess or think when it’s been too long for her to have been awake. Lola was always a horrible sleeper even as a newborn! And we thought babies were supposed to sleep but it would take us 45 minutes to put her to sleep! Then we discovered the exercise ball which we used to bounce her to sleep! And then you had a 50/50 chance of her waking up if you tried to put her down for her nap. Within 2/3 days Lola was crying maybe a minute or so and then falling asleep in her crib in her own room for all naps and bedtime sleep! Which she never did, she was in a bassinet in our room, still getting up once a night to feed. Now she generally takes 3 naps for about 3 hours total night time sleep and bedtime from 7:30pm-6:30am!!!! It’s nice to have a baby that sleeps and is now generally such a happy baby now, complete night and day difference. Now we KNOW when she’s tired and keep to her schedule.

~Renee, California



By the time I read all the info, and understood everything, it was the evening of my first day. I listened to Violet’s advice about bedtime, and my 7 month old sleep longer than she ever has!!! 11.5 hours! Violet is the best, and always got back to me quickly. Baby’s sleeping is improved 200000%!
~Jackie, New Jersey




Before working with Violet, I was up with my son every few hours. I was letting him lead everything and along the way, he became dependent on me to help him sleep. I also have two older children and was afraid that the baby would wake them up at night thus creating more of a problem….and so I would do anything to soothe him back to sleep immediately. I would nurse him, give him a pacifier, bounce him, rock him, wander through the house and then do it again after a few hours.

After 7 months, I couldn’t do it any longer. I knew things needed to change not just for me, but for our whole family. During one of our late night sessions, I started searching for help and stumbled upon Violet and her services. After having two other children and not getting them to sleep through the night for the first nine months, I knew I needed someone to just listen and bounce ideas off of and to just support me as I ventured through this journey.

Violet had great information. She listened and acknowledged my struggles. She was not judging; she just told me how it was and I respected that. She helped me by not just giving me the knowledge but by making me be accountable for helping to sleep train my son. I had said many nights before that this would be the night that I stopped having my son be dependent on me, but then I gave in. Working with Violet made me do what I needed to do to help him sleep on his own. When I went to email her, I wanted to let her know that I was following her advice and it was working. I didn’t want to email her with excuses and so I worked hard with my son because I knew we could do it.

The second night, he slept from 8pm until I had to wake him up at 7am. Since that night, he’s been sleeping through the night. He still wakes some, but he is no longer dependent on me to help him get back to sleep. I have slept in my own bed all of the way through the night for the first time in over a year.

I knew that we could do it, but I am not sure we would have been as successful if I didn’t have the support and personal guidance that Violet provided. She was our biggest cheerleader and I didn’t want to let her down. So I followed what she advised for us and believed in the process. It worked and I am so grateful. I would recommend her services to anyone that is willing to make a change for the better of their family.
~Kelli, Nevada


Our little one was a great sleeper starting at two months old. But at around three months old he began waking more frequently. Over the course of three months he was waking every hour to hour and a half for a quick “feeding” and back to his bassinet. Naps were a joke. He would fall asleep eating and swaddled only while being held, lay down and be awake in 30 minutes. As a stay at home mom, I was losing my mind! I was more sleep deprived at six months than in the newborn stage! After lots of Internet searches we found a book we thought would help. We tried cry it out. Our sweet baby cried until he was hoarse. On the third night of crying it out in his crib I cried three times longer than he did. Clearly this was not our solution. Then we found you! A mom on a blog was talking about how you changed her life. What could it hurt at this point with a 100% satisfaction guarantee? You have changed our lives! Within one night we saw improvement. When we had questions I would just email them and would so quickly get a response. What you taught us will forever change our lives. New babies we have won’t have to cry it out because not only did you help us walk through this, you empowered us by giving us the tools we need to go through other transitions! We cannot thank you enough! You gave us the best Christmas present…a happy rested baby (and happier rested mom and dad!). Thank you so much!!!
~Sara Kathryn, Arkansas


Baby Elijah had developed a sleep association with feeding and was feeding more often at night than during the day which got me suspicious. I started my own version of sleep training. This of course involved lots of tears and I was afraid I was doing the wrong thing by my son and really needed some guidance as to if I was going about things the right way and what I should expect.

Violet was always very responsive to all my questions despite living on the other side of the world and answered each one, no matter how silly it seemed, without judgement.

Elijah has now slept 11hrs without needing a feed or any other intervention from me for the past 2 nights and I am a more confident mum when it comes to understanding my son’s sleep needs.
~Irene, Australia



My darling son was just 2.5mths old when he started having sleep troubles. He had to be carried to sleep during his daytime naps, the moment he hit the cot he’ll wake up crying and if we did hit the jackpot and manage to put him down, he doesn’t sleep for more than 30 mins. At night, he kept waking up every 1.5-3hrs for feeds and will fall asleep while being nursed. I didn’t think much of it as first and thought it was pretty normal for babies his age. I was hoping that he’ll outgrow it but soon realized that it wasn’t going to happen and was starting to get physically and mentally exhausted.

I went to research about sleep training and the initial impression I got was that sleep training meant having to use the CIO method which I was totally against plus he was only 2.5mths old. Then I came across Violet’s website which explained what sleep training was about and how to go about achieving better sleep for both baby and family. To be honest, I was very skeptical at first because I was wondering how is it possible for a baby to be trained without lots of crying and within such a short period of time. Plus my little one is very strong willed. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a shot because I was at my wit’s end.

Before the program started, I was nervous and had tons of questions for Violet, all of which she patiently answered. I was also concerned about the time difference as I live in Singapore but Violet assured me that she’ll respond during her working hours and she was definitely very responsive.

I was absolutely flabbergasted. By the end of 2 weeks and since then, he’s mostly able to self-soothe and fall asleep on his own. The program worked so incredibly well for me that I kept recommending it to my fellow mummy friends and 2 of my friends actually subscribed to it as well! If you had any doubts about sleep training your baby, don’t hesitate anymore. I had absolutely no regrets engaging Violet, she was so pleasant to work with and addressed all my concerns along the way and was also very reassuring and encouraging. Thanks Violet for giving both baby and us a good night’s sleep!
~Anne, Singapore


My second daughter Lily had never slept more than 2-3 hours she was approaching 6 months and we were all exhausted. I and my family were convinced something physical was wrong with Lily as being my second child I kept thinking I had not encountered these issues with my first daughter. After seeing a paediatrician and getting the all clear I started looking into sleep behaviour and how it works. One night or morning (?) at 3pm after finding Violet’s website I felt relief in an instance, I was excited and my gut told me to go for it. I couldn’t have been more right! After working with Violet for the last 3 weeks has been great, hard at times but not as hard as not sleeping each night and having to look after a baby and a toddler.
The best part for us has been seeing our baby become happier, healthier and reach milestones. Lily now loves sleeping and it’s lovely to go to her room with her looking and feeling refreshed from a good nights sleep / nap. I would recommend Violets services, my mum calls her an angel as she has completely changed our lives for the better, thank you

~Jasmine, UK


Our 6 month old was up every 1, 2, or 3 hours at night and nursing several times to get back to sleep. He would also nap for a maximum of 45 minutes. I would tell myself all the familiar things — I don’t want to let him cry if he is anxious and possibly damage our bond, he seems too young for sleep training, he probably still needs to nurse at least once or twice a night, and he will probably just start sleeping longer as he gets older… But then we finally reached the point of desperation!!! A friend of a friend recommended Violet, so we took the plunge. When Violet sent us our initial sleep plan, she confirmed a lot of what I had read about healthy infant sleep but specifically helped us apply it by modifying our bedtime routine, finding other effective ways to soothe crying without picking up or nursing, figuring out the ideal time our son should be awake between naps, and timing feedings so that nursing would not become a sleep association. In the first couple of days, our little guy dramatically reduced his number of nighttime wakings and only fed once at night. A day or two after that, he started sleeping 11-12 hours at night – straight through! It’s been over a week and he has not regressed, and he started napping much better as well. With Violet’s coaching, we gave our son a chance to show us that he was ready to soothe himself and put himself to sleep, WITHOUT letting him cry indefinitely like the harsher methods tell you to do. He also showed us he didn’t need to nurse at night – not even one feeding, which I would have taken gladly in place of the many nighttime wakings. We are still working on naps, but we are applying Violet’s advice and it has been a tremendous help. If you are desperate and sleep deprived, I highly recommended hiring Violet. Consulting a book cannot compare to having an empathetic, experienced coach who can help you to respond to your unpredictable baby and adjust your plan. And when your brain is fried, you just need someone to give you suggestions based on what you are experiencing. You will not regret making this investment!~Emily, Michigan



Violet was absolutely amazing!! I truly appreciated the text/email option while working the process. I have already, and will continue to recommend people to her as this sleep training was a life saver. Our little man would not sleep through the night. It was so bad that my husband and I had to take shifts to tend to him each night. Our need for intervention became glaringly apparent when I had to return to work and could no longer share the night shifts. We bought the package that included the text and email option and this was crucial for us. Having instant access to Violet while we worked the nap/sleep process was imperative to our success. It provided us immediate assurance that we were doing all the right things or gave us additional tactics to employ on the spot. Calum is now sleeping through the night!! YAY! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

~Jennifer, Virginia




As I type I’m watching my almost 5month old baby sleep soundly on the video monitor. He went down awake, without being nursed to sleep with minimal fuss. This is a sight I never thought I would see. I no longer sign off on emails as “Tired in Toronto”…

After a nightmarish experience with a so called “sleep doula”, who basically wanted our baby to scream it out with a rigid, impersonal schedule, my husband and I were ready to throw in the towel and just accept that our son was a “difficult baby”. Luckily, I stumbled across one of Violet’s plans for another family and I was immediately blown away. What a breath of fresh air. I had to hire her immediately.


Her methods were personalized, nurturing and evidence based. Her genuine care and empathy was palpable. I contacted her that afternoon and had a plan that evening. I felt like I was corresponding with a friend daily. She responded promptly and with care in each email. Her initial plan was lengthly, informative and fit our family’s needs perfectly. Most importantly, it was in line with the parenting style that my husband and I were comfortable with. My breastfed baby is now sleeping through the night for 12 hours and his naps have greatly improved thanks to Violet and her customized plan! After 7 days, my usually fussy baby is smiling, cooing, meeting milestones and I actually heard him laugh for the first time yesterday–I think I’m a better mom because I’m also getting some much needed rest. It’s amazing what a little sleep can do! I will be telling all of my other mom friends about Violet and plan to give her services as a gift to all of my pregnant gal-pals. ~Christine, Canada



We had a great experience working with Violet, and our son Gabriel made a lot of progress during the two weeks of our package and thereafter. Before we consulted Violet, Gabriel would only fall asleep through nursing or rocking, and would need to sleep in our bed. By the end of the two weeks working with Violet, Gabriel was putting himself to sleep without assistance in his crib, and sleeping for longer stretches both for naps during the day and overnight. All three of us – Gabriel, my wife, and myself – benefitted from his improved sleep. My wife and I were also able to get more sleep and feel more refreshed in the morning.

Violet was great to work with – Gabriel’s initial sleep plan and her guidance was straightforward and easy to implement. She was very prompt in responding to our emails during the two weeks, and provided customized responses to our questions. Quickly within the two weeks it seemed like she really understood both our and our son’s sleeping situation.

Overall, we were very pleased with Violet and have happily recommended her to parents we know.

Marc, New York


Our little guy, Mason, hardly slept anywhere besides our arms for the first few months of his life. We were growing more and more desperate by the day (or should I say night) and needed help. I did a lot of reading online, but as a first time mom really needed the guidance of a professional. The first day of the plan I was dreading the night all day because I was fearful it would be miserable, but you know what? Our son slept. He only woke up once during the first night. And the second night he slept for 11 hours! A funny story, my husband thought I was crazy for wanting to hire someone to help us and complained to his coworker about me spending the money on it. The day after our son slept 11 solid hours his coworker asked him how it was going and my husbands response was “I would have paid double to Violet!” He has since gone on to rave about how amazing the plan worked for us. My husband and I could not be more grateful to have our son sleeping through the night and allowing us to finally feel normal again. Thank you!
~Lindsay, New York


On my 10 year wedding anniversary I finally had all members of my family sleeping through the night thanks to Violet. A week prior I was so exhausted, delerious from lack of sleep, and desperate to get real sleep again. My sweet little 10 mo old girl was waking up every 2 hrs to nurse herself back to sleep. As much as I loved the cuddle time I couldn’t be without sleep anymore and neither could the rest of my family. My first daughter slept through the night at 4 months so I never had this problem before. I read all the different ways to sleep train and had a lot of advice from friends and family. Unfortunately different methods I tried either didn’t work or I just wasn’t comfortable with. I really just needed someone to flat out tell me what to do every step of the way.

I googled “how to get baby to sleep” again and there was Violet’s site! I thought why not what do I have to lose at this point! She gauranteed her services and all of the reviews made me cry because I could relate to all of them! I purchased the 7 day package and was so glad I did. Upon the initial conversation with Violet I already felt at ease and knew I made the right choice. She guided us every step of the way and was so kind and paitent with ALL of my questions. I felt like I should have known the answers to some of them but I had to ask anyway just to make sure I wasn’t going to do the wrong thing. She never made me feel anything but reassured and comforted…the Lord knows I needed just as much comfort as my baby through this process. It was tough I’m not going to lie, at this point a 10 month old is pretty set in her ways when it comes to sleep, but within a few days she was sleeping through the night!! I could not have been more thrilled. It was weird not tending to her every couple of hours at first, I had a little withdrawal, but now we all get good sleep which is vital to a healthy happy family. It was absolutely money well spent! Thank you for everything Violet!! Both of my girls are now able to sleep through the night since one of them no longer wakes the other one up 😉 Rest is one of the best gifts to receive and you have given that to us. Blessings to you and your family ???

~Leah, US



Before I found Violet I was searching the Internet for solutions to my little ones sleep problems. I bombarded myself with information but just became more and more confused about what I should do. I stumbled upon Violet during this search and after some thought, decided to employ her services. Violet listened to my pleas and came up with a sleep plan. Within 1 night, yes 1 night (!!!!!) my daughters sleep problems were cured! To be more specific, it took 30 minutes of following Violets plan and my daughter slept for 10 solid hours!!!!!! I could not believe it!

It has been 6 days now and every night my daughter sleeps 10 hours straight. No feeding, no rocking, no bouncing, no dancing around the bedroom at 35 degrees trying to get her to sleep! Just laying her down in her cot and within 5 minutes she’s asleep! Daytime naps are no longer in a car seat/bouncer/ sling/ pram (unless on the school run)- she sleeps blissfully in her cot! Violet is a miracle worker!

~Emma, United Kingdom


We were going on several weeks of terrible sleep after moving Elliott to the crib from the Rock & Play. He was waking up every hour all through the night and barely sleeping during the day. Crying was at an all time high and we were at the end of our rope. I found Violet through a Google search on a Baby Center forum and took a chance. I have no regrets!!

On night number one, Elliott slept six hours and things only got better. He now naps with no struggle (most days) and sleeps from 7:30 pm until 6:00 am with only one night wake to eat, and he’s back to sleep in under a half hour.

We have a happy baby now. He’s done a complete transformation & we owe it al to Violet. She was so patient and kind and had quick advice for every question.

~Megan, Ohio


Maggie is breast fed & at 10 months was using that as a sleep prop & struggling to sleep for sometimes longer than a sleep cycle. She was sometimes in her cot but mainly bed sharing with us which although we had no problem with was starting g to affect our family. Lack of sleep & discomfort all round meant that something had to change. Violet helped us to gently train Maggie to self soothe & sleep soundly ALL night in her own room & cot from night ONE there was an improvement. We are so much happier as a family & feel blessed to have found her. Thank you xx

~Louise, United Kingdom


Our 9-month-old son Jack was waking up multiple times a night and only napping for short periods of time. Within less than a week, he was sleeping 11 to 12 hours at night and napping for 1 to 2 hours at a time! The best part of it all however, was that we were able to get to this point GENTLY. We were always able to comfort him and never felt like we were leaving him on his own. This helped us feel confident in the process and he responded very well to this method. We are so proud of him, so thankful to Violet and so happy to be sleeping! Violet always responded quickly with clear and concise help, we knew exactly what we needed to do next. When our 2 weeks was up, we felt confident to continue moving forwards and felt educated ourselves to handle sleep in the future. This was life-changing and so wonderful to know our sweet son is sleeping well!

~Chelsea, Colorado






“Good Evening!
With our consultation time at an end, and my 7 month old fast asleep, I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how grateful I am for you. You quite literally saved my sanity! When I first reached out to you I was at my wits end, was tired of making excuses for why my baby wasn’t sleeping well, and couldn’t tell myself, yet again, that by “8 months (9, 10, 11 months) he would just grow out of it.”

How I found you was fate I believe! While up at all hours of the night, willing my baby to just go to sleep!, I was yet again Google-ing “why won’t my baby sleep?!” I came across an article about baby sleep patterns and for whatever reason I decided to read the comments after the article. I found comfort in reading other mom’s struggles with their babies! And there in the comments section a woman referenced your site and made a comment about “you have to check this woman out… best money ever spent!” I clicked on the link and there you were! After reading through much of your site I decided to reach out to you and buy one of your consultation packages. I thought, “anyone who could advertise 100% satisfaction or your money back” must be very confident in their ability to help! Just to be sure though, I was going to buy the 2 week package, because surely my baby was unlike any other, stubborn to boot, and would most likely need weeks of training… if it would even work at all. Ha! 🙂

Once I received your sleep plan for Mason, looked it over, and committed myself to making this work, I spent that first night hardly able to sleep I was so anxious. I was prepared for the first night being the worst night ever. Surprisingly it wasn’t that bad, and then when Mason slept through the night that second night, I thought beginner’s luck for sure! But then he continued to sleep through the night… EVERY night! Amazing!
Long story short… you’re AMAZING! I cannot thank you enough for everything you’ve done for my family in two short weeks. We are all sleeping better and in a predictable routine, and that makes for a very happy household! You’re instructions are so precise and easy to follow, and it really helped to have a step by step plan. The best part… talking to you was like talking to a sister or best friend! Someone you could go to for advice and still be so kind and encouraging. I’ll miss talking with you daily!

I will never be able to thank you enough! You truly are a lifesaver!

Forever grateful,

~Samantha, Colorodo



Emile, at 10.5 months, had never consistently slept more than 3-4 hours at a time overnight. When I contacted Violet and she gave us a sleep plan for Emile, he was sleeping 10-12 hours at night within two days! Now he has really gotten into a great rhythm of napping at daycare or home and, without fail, goes to sleep easily at bedtime and sleeps all night. It’s incredible how quickly Violet’s plan worked – it was easy for us and for Emile to adapt, and now everyone in the house is sleeping better!

~Jenny, Louisiana








We went from having a five-month-old that woke up three times a night to him sleeping through the night in a week! Couldn’t be happier

~Jamie, Utah





Thank you so much for your help!! My 15 week old had only ever been nursed to sleep and this was becoming a problem. I was getting so stressed out because I had no idea how to get him off of this sleep association and there was so much conflicting information out there. It was also really important to me that we have a gentle approach to doing this because it literally hurts my soul when he cries. Thanks to your plan, he is falling asleep wonderfully at bedtime and even naptime, without being nursed to sleep since we started it. I appreciate your guidance along the way via daily emails and tweaks to his plan based on his individual progress.~Kristen, New York





I contacted Violet after weeks of my 8 month old waking hourly all night, or waking for 2-3 hours at a time each night. Violet was quickly able to identify my baby’s sleeping issues and offered practical advice while being understanding of my parenting style- she worked with me and encouraged me every step of the way. Within the week my baby started self settling and slept through for the first time ever!! Now I just have to fix my own bad sleeping habits- maybe Violet can expand into treating mums too haha! Thank you so much for your help!~Prue, Australia




Carson went from sleeping in bed with us or on my lap and waking up 3-4 times a night to napping in his own crib and sleeping 10-11 hours a night by himself! He learned how to put himself back to sleep and it has changed our lives! Thank you!!

~Missy, Washington






We contacted Violet seeking help with getting our 3.5-month-old daughter to sleep in her own crib. For weeks I had been nursing and/or bouncing her to sleep, and then holding her while she slept for every nap and even overnight – waking at least 2 or 3 times each night to feed her. I was so drained. We purchased the 2 week package thinking that we would need every bit of that time just to get our daughter to sleep independently. I never dreamed that she would be sleeping through the night in her own crib just 10 days in. Violet was so great to work with. She provided us with complete instructions and responded quickly to every e-mail (and there were many!), walking us through the process every step of the way. The results were incredible and life-changing for us. We love our little girl dearly, but to have evenings to ourselves and get a full night’s sleep is a wonderful thing. Not to mention, our daughter is so much better off and clearly a happier baby now getting all of the sleep that she needs as well.

~Stephanie, New York

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