Social Spark Review

Can you make money blogging? Once in a while I like to write about opportunities for blogging moms. Something I recently came across, is a site called Social Spark. Social Spark give bloggers the opportunity to make some extra money by writing posts for advertisers. In other words you write a post for an advertiser, publish it on your blog, and get paid for it. Writing the actual post is extremely easy because the advertiser gives you exactly what you need. You just piece it all together. Most of the time I just cut and paste and have a post ready within 5 minutes.

Another great feature of Social Spark is that you are the boss. You get to pick how much you want to get compensated and which  advertiser you want to write a post for. So for example I set my price a little higher than most, because I didn’t want to get paid a few dollars for a taking the time for write a post. I set my preferred price at $20 a post. Others don’t mind doing it for less, but I don’t have much time for this so I will only agree if it’s at least $20. I figured 20 bucks is not bad for 5-10 minutes worth of work.

You also get to pick which offers you want to accept. If Kmart wants you to write a post, but that doesn’t fit in on your blog, or you don’t like Kmart, then you just decline. But most of the time the offers are very relevant to your blog, because you choose key words that match your blog. That is how you get offers. The more keywords you pick, the more offers you will receive. This is very important. The first couple of weeks I only received one offer. I knew something wasn’t right. I went into my account added about 20 key words, and now I get at least 5 offers a week. The offers are usually a lot more than my asking price as well. Just last night I wrote a post for Walmart for $75. It literally took me  less than 10 minutes to compose it. They give you all the info, links, and photos. Writing the post is extremely easy. Here is a screenshot of what was required for my post for Kmart. As you can see all I basically did was copy and paste.

So I explained this in a much detail as possible, but it is extremely easy to set up. To give you a quick breakdown of steps:

1. Sign up here
2. Enter Information about your blog (url, keywords relevant to your blog, etc)
3. Set your price.
4. Wait for offers.


  • It is very important that you add as much keywords as possible. This is how I get so many great offers.
  • Pick manual publishing. You have an option of direct publishing, which Social Spark publishes the post for you, or manual, that you can publish yourself. At first I choose direct publishing because I thought I had to, but I came across some issues with the posts not being published because of the blogger interface. So to make things easy. just choose to manually publish and all you have to do is submit the link once the post is published on your blog. 
  • Click the customer support button on the right of the page if you have any questions. The customer service is great and if you have any questions at all they will give you very clear directions. You can always contact me too, I have become pretty good at it:) 

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Social Spark Review

Can you make money blogging? Once in a while I like to write about opportunities for blogging moms. Something I recently came across, is a

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