What is a Baby Sleep Consultant?

what is a sleep consultant

What is a Baby Sleep Consultant?

As soon as you become a parent you’re suddenly hit with a myriad of conflicting parenting advice, through books, magazines, or personal experiences from friends and family.

It’s hard to know which advice to take and it can all get to be a bit overwhelming, to say the least.

Parents are exhausted trying to come up with ways to get their child to sleep, to keep their child sleeping, and to basically develop a sleep pattern that works in their home.

Just as no two households are the same, each child is unique and requires a tailor-made program and schedule that suits their needs and goes in line with their family’s schedule.


Why is sleep SO important?

Sleep deprivation is a very common problem in households with newborn’s or babies and is often the #1 frustration and concern for mothers. Unfortunately, if the sleep troubles are not addressed during infancy they won’t get better until a child reaches about 5 years old.

Why is sleep so important and the #1 frustration for parents? Well, the body simply cannot function properly without sleep. It starts to shut down, lose all patience, and make poor choices. In fact a recent study shows that sleep deprivation slows and impairs a person’s judgement so much that it’s equivalent to being drunk!

A lack of sleep can not only result in health problems but can also affect the emotional and mental health of both mom and baby.

Just as the parents need sleep, so does baby. Sleep is essential for proper growth and development. During the deep stages of sleep growth hormones are released, blood supply to the muscle increases, tissues growth and repair occurs, energy to the brain and body is restored.

When sleep is disturbed, the body doesn’t reach enough of these deep stages to complete what is needed for tissue repair, energy restoration, memory consolidation and release of necessary hormones. In other words mom wakes up less prepared to concentrate and make decisions, and lacks the energy to take care of her baby. Lack of sleep also impairs judgment and decreases awareness. So not only does disturbed sleep feel crummy, but it’s also a dangerous situation.


The sleep consultant

A lot of parents feel that they need to go through the journey of parenthood alone and are often embarrassed to admit that they’re struggling, especially when it comes to putting baby to sleep. But sometimes it’s hard to see what’s going wrong when you’re deep down in the problem and what it takes is an outside view.

Parents have often tried everything, exhausting all methods of how to put their precious baby to sleep, but nothing seems to be working. This is where a sleep consultant can get involved and become mom and dad’s very own, “magic wand”.

There is no point for parents to spend countless nights struggling with a lack of sleep.

And this is where a sleep consultant steps in.

A sleep consultant essentially plays the role of “Nanny McPhee,” someone who can step into a household, physically but often virtually, assess the needs, and suggest changes from a professional view.

Someone that has been trained in the art of sleeping! Baby sleep that is!

Working together with a professional that specializes in sleep, together with mom and dad’s parental instincts, sets the scene for easy sleep time and eliminates sleep deprivation.


What exactly does a sleep consultant do?

The beauty of a sleep consultant is that they work directly with parents offering helpful advice catered specifically for their child. They give them the right tools, provide support, and boost them with the confidence they need to successfully teach their baby to sleep well.

Most consultants work by phone, email, or online through Skype. So that parents can receive advice from the comfort of their own home.

With an appropriate sleep plan and guidance from a sleep consultant through the sleep teaching process, those difficult sleepless nights, do get better.

And yes, blissful sleep for mom, dad, and baby, is attainable!


Violet Giannone of Sleep, Baby, Sleep is a Registered Nurse and Baby Sleep Consultant who offers personal consultations to guide you and answer all your baby sleep questions in order to ensure that your little one is getting the sleep that a growing baby needs. Believing there is no “one size fits all” advice for helping a baby sleep, Violet offers personal sleep plans and consultations that take into consideration your baby’s age, sleep history, temperament, and individual circumstances. If your baby won’t sleep in the crib, or is having other sleep troubles, Violet can help!

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sleep-baby-sleep-17“It has been 6 days now and every night my daughter sleeps 10 hours straight. No feeding, no rocking, no bouncing, no dancing around the bedroom at 35 degrees trying to get her to sleep! Just laying her down in her cot and within 5 minutes she’s asleep! Daytime naps are no longer in a car seat/bouncer/ sling/ pram (unless on the school run)- she sleeps blissfully in her cot! Violet is a miracle worker!”



baby fall asleep on their ownMy breastfed baby is now sleeping through the night for 12 hours and his naps have greatly improved thanks to Violet and her customized plan! After 7 days, my usually fussy baby is smiling, cooing, meeting milestones and I actually heard him laugh for the first time yesterday–I think I’m a better mom because I’m also getting some much needed rest. It’s amazing what a little sleep can do! As I type I’m watching my almost 5month old baby sleep soundly on the video monitor. He went down awake, without being nursed to sleep with minimal fuss. This is a sight I never thought I would see. I no longer sign off on emails as “Tired in Toronto”… ~Christine, Canada


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