Certified Sleep Sense Consultant Program

Certified Sleep Sense Consultant Program

Is it Right for You? Are there Alternatives?

Certified Sleep Sense is one of the oldest programs on the internet. Is it worth it? What’s it all about? Here’s what you need to know.

We Reviewed the Program

There are a number of certification programs to become a certified sleep consultant.

One of the oldest is the Sleep Sense Consultant Program, a three-day program based in Florida and taught by its creator Dana Obleman, a mother of three and a pediatric sleep coach.

Because it’s one that my clients asked about before choosing my acclaimed IPSP Sleep Consultant Certification program, I decided to check Sleep Sense out.

The Program: Instructors and Classes

I’d love to get behind a time-saving program. But this one is only three days. And, just being honest here: that is nowhere near long enough to cover the material you need to know to become a great, and legally protected, certified sleep consultant.

A second mark against the program is that there is only one instructor. So you aren’t receiving professional input from a variety of medical and legal professionals.

Cost of Certified Sleep Sense

While quality is our first and most important consideration, and we know yours is too, we knew you’d want to know how much this program costs.

The program’s tuition is a little under $10,000 plus travel fees and a $1,000 annual certification renewal fee….WOWSER!

There’s a Better Way. IPSP is Here to Help

Hi! I’m Violet Giannone, and back when I was getting my education to become a Certified Sleep Consultant, I had to really do my homework to find a great and affordable school.

I was hard-pressed to find both in one program. That’s why I created my own program, the Institute of Pediatric Sleep.

I chose the best, highest-credentialed educators, doctors, nurses and even attorneys to teach my students. Today’s amazing group of future sleep consultants deserves it!

Here’s how you can get the best, high-rated, complete education at a budget that’s student-friendly.

IPSP® Sleep Consultant Certification

The Institute for Pediatric Sleep & Parenting® (IPSP)  offers a more affordable program with the flexibility to complete your certification at your own pace, and offers so much more!

It is the only certification program of its kind that is designed by a registered nurse and taught by a registered nurse. With additional lessons from experts in their field.

When you graduate from the IPSP program, you will graduate with up-to-date training and into a rewarding field that offers immediate job openings, fast financial growth, and a support system backed by a team of our staff and seasoned graduates.

The ultimate payoff is working with children and their parents and improving their lives now and forever.

sleep sense certification

IPSP Sleep Consultant Certification CourseOverview


The total cost of the IPSP sleep consultant certification program is $3,500 – making the program an affordable investment with giant yields for those looking for a career change or a new start in one. Payment plans are also available and the tuition also includes six months of one-on-one mentoring with the founder and lead instructor, Violet Giannone.


With family demands in mind, we have uniquely designed flexible classroom training that allows you to complete your certification at your own pace and completely online, meaning no need to find a babysitter while you attend class or drive home after a long day. Simply log on and work on the course at your own pace!

Lifetime Career Support

Unlike other programs, IPSP also offers lifetime certification with no annual certification fees.  Every graduate is automatically entitled to a business profile on the IPSP website at no charge. We also offer in-house referral opportunities, phone and email support seven days a week.

With a  track record that boasts more than 750 graduates, IPSP is proud of the network of peer-to-peer support it offers to trainees.

Experienced Instructors

IPSP Founder and lead trainer Violet Giannone offers 10 years of expertise as a pediatric sleep consultant.

A Registered Nurse, Violet is the regional representative of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants, a member of the National Sleep Foundation, and Founder of Sleep, Baby Sleep® — a popular website that offers sleeping tips for parents of newborns.

Violet has also written several published articles for a myriad of parenting magazines and is the author of the books “Baby Sleep Training in 7 Days” and “Superstar Potty Training.”

For the sleep certification program, Violet leads an all-women team of advisors and instructors who are all experts in their field, with combined decades of experience. The IPSP program is a comprehensive program, that offers proper training and education.


Variety of Sleep Methods

Unlike other training courses like the Sleep Sense Consultant Program, which only teaches one method (the sleep sense method) to help babies sleep, IPSP teaches an expansive range of sleep training methods so that you can be fully equipped when working with families.

Our comprehensive curriculum also includes other very important lessons on: infant nutrition, perinatal mental health, breastfeeding, safety sleep guidelines and more. Students will also learn how to manage sleep challenges,  develop sleep plans, and be given specialized training in a variety of pediatric sleep applications. Marketing and business building is also included in the program at no additional fee.

Become A Certified Sleep Consultant

It’s as ea”zzz”y as 1 – 2 – 3

  1. Apply
  2. Receive Acceptance Letter
  3. Pay Tuition & Start Classes   

In Addition To Our Sleep Consultant Certification Course, IPSP Also Offers:

– Special Needs Certification (click here for course details)

– Baby Sign Language Educator Course (click here for course details)

– Potty Training Consultant Course (click here for course details)

Sleep Consultant Certification

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