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Are you interested in advertising on Sleep, Baby, Sleep? Great! There a few different options available, but first let’s talk about the nitty gritty…my statistics.

Page views and Unique Visitors 
Sleep, Baby, Sleep typically has about 4,000-5,000 page views a day and about 100,000 unique visitors a month. Here is a snapshot of some recent statistics.

Sleep, Baby, Sleep Audience
The content on this website is driven to target parents of babies and toddlers. Age range is 18-34 (60%) 35-54 (30%). Most visitors live in the U.S (90%) while the remaining demographics come from all over the world.

Social Media Stats
Sleep, Baby, Sleep has over 6,500 social followers with numbers growing daily.




Ad Options
Here are the available advertising options for Sleep, Baby, Sleep. Simply make your purchase below, then email with your banner and link. You have the option of purchasing more than one month by changing the quantity at checkout. Your ad will appear on the right side side bar of this website. It will rotate between the top right and middle right.

150 x 150 Button $50/Month

225 x 225 Square $150/Month

180 X 600 Skyscraper $210/Month

Social Media Shout Out
Mention of your product/company on my social media sites, reaching over 6,500 people. Most of my followers are parents, mostly moms of babies and toddlers. Upon purchase, please email me your post, tweet, or pin.
baby sleep advertising

Facebook Post $20

Pinterest Pin and Description $10

Twitter Tweet $5

Sponsored Blog Post
Prices vary. Please contact me for a quote. 

Ad Policy
All Ads and shout outs are subject to approval. Please makes sure that your content is appropriate for this site which is geared towards parents and children. If an ad is denied because it is not a good fit for Sleep, Baby, Sleep an immediate refund will be issued. 
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The 2 Week Bundle Package
    This package is a good fit for all ages, newborn to toddlers. This package includes a complete assessment of your child's sleep troubles. A personalized step by step sleep plan. Unlimited email and text message support. Two phone calls per week. Two follow up emails for ongoing support. Survival guide for bumps in the road.


The Unlimited 2 Week Package
    As with the other packages you will receive a personalized sleep plan that is created based on your baby's age, temperament, sleep history and other important factors. With 2 weeks of unlimited email support and survival guide for bumps in the road.I will be an email away to answer all of your questions.


The Unlimited 7 Day Package
    Complete assessment and identification of your child's sleep needs and troubles. Personalized sleep plan specific for your baby. One week of unlimited email support for a fully personalized consultation. Survival guide for bumps in the road.