Free Clothes from ThredUp!

Posted on: September 1st, 2013 by Violet 2 Comments

So if you haven’t heard of ThredUp it’s an awesome site – you can buy or conveniently sell excellent-quality women’s and kids clothing.  They’ve got everything from Gucci to Gap, J Crew to Justice – at up to 90% off. There are plenty of brand new, never been used, with tag items as well.

Right now there is an amazing “extreme couponing” type deal going on. ThredUp is giving new customers $20, to use on anything. That means you can get anything that’s $20 or less, FREE . I signed up and got a dress for Brianna and shoes for myself, for absolutely nothing. So here are the details:

1.This is the invitation link to the $20 It’s for new customers only, and you have to be invited by a member (like me :).

2.When you enter the site click “start shopping” and this will pop up.


3. Enter your email address and your $20 will be automatically applied in your account. You will not see it, or it may appear as if you only got $10 which is the regular promotion, until you put something in your cart. Tip: If you are adding and removing items, make sure you refresh your page otherwise it will look like your $20 has disappeared.

Here is my receipt so you can see how it works. I got this really nice dress, it was only $15.99, shipping was only $2.99 so the $20 credit I got covered it all. At the bottom you can see that it says my purchase was completely free and paid for by the credit.

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